June is Disaster Prepared Month

Since TICA is headquartered in South Texas, we know all too well about hurricanes and having to be ready in case one decides to swing inland.

Look at what happened during the past few years all along the Gulf Coast and East Coast. But it’s not just hurricanes that you need to be ready for…you need to remember that it’s tornado season, and also flooding can occur inland along the rivers. Earthquakes. Forest fires. No matter where you live, you need to be ready because you never know what type of natural disaster can happen, or an accident such as a fire, flooded home, etc.

Tails Pet Media Group lists the things you should remember to have ready for your pets in case of any unplanned emergency:

Make sure you have a travel bag with your cat's food, medicines, papers, tags, etc in case of an emergency.

Make sure you have a travel bag with your cat's food, medicines, papers, tags, etc in case of an emergency.

1. Make sure your pets are already microchipped and registered through an identification program and that all ID tags are on them.
2. Prepare yourself and your human family first. If you are unprepared, you will be unable to help your animals.
3. Have a “go kit” for each member of your family ready in case evacuation is necessary. Similarly create and maintain a “go kit” for each of your animals.
4. In case you must “shelter in place,” prepare your home and maintain the necessary supplies, adequate food, and medication for the humans and pets in your family.
5. For each animal, a kit should include the following supplies: a two-week supply of food and water; hygiene products such as cat litter, paper towels, and plastic bags; a cage or crate; necessary leashes and collars; and vaccination records, photos of your pet, and your veterinarian’s phone number in a waterproof bag.
6. If your pets have medical needs, maintain copies of updated veterinary records and a minimum of a two-week supply of medications. Do not assume there will be veterinary care immediately available at an evacuation shelter.
7. Learn in advance where pet-friendly public shelters will be located in your community in the event of an evacuation.
8. If an emergency strikes, bring pets indoors immediately. Natural disasters, such as a wildfire, hurricane, or tornado, can produce unhealthy air and dangerous debris.
9. If you are separated from your pet, visit shelters regularly with a photo and veterinary records to identify your animal.

And remember, now shelters will not turn you away because you have your pet with you. So if you do need to leave your house during an unplanned event, and don’t have family or friends to stay with or can’t afford a hotel room, go to the local place they have set up for a makeshift shelter for you and your cat (and other pets).

June Is Adopt A Cat Month

Many homeless cats need loving homes

Many homeless cats need loving homes

Each year millions of cats end up in shelters, with rescue groups or on the streets. And spring of course means many little kittens born and needing homes. So, to spread the word about cats and kittens who need a forever loving home, June is Adopt A Cat Month.

Shelters and rescue groups across the country can use your help — either getting the word out to other cat lovers who are looking for a new feline friend to join their family….who can help out by fostering a cat, kitten or mom with litter…who can make donations in funds or items…or even better, who can give a forever home to a new cat, kitten or pair!

Even older cats bask in the love of a new family

Even older cats bask in the love of a new family

Visit your local shelter, contact your local rescue groups, visit your pet store that has cats for adoption…and share your home, your heart and your love with a new cat or kitten!



June 1 marks the 30th anniversary of the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats! Yup, it’s TICA.



TICA's First Best Cat 1979-1980 (Persian)

TICA's First Best Cat 1979-1980 (Persian)

It’s been an exciting 30 years, and our history is proof that’s for sure. Just some stats on what TICA has accomplished to make it not only the largest genetic registry, but one of the world’s largest sanctioned organizations to hold cat shows includes:


  • More than 336,000 cats and kittens around the world have been registered with TICA
  • More than 4,700 participating members have joined TICA and thousands more participate as exhibitors at our cat shows around the world
    Larry Paul Founder of TICA

    Larry Paul Founder of TICA


  • Growth from a domestic organization to one of the world’s largest organizations in the cat fancy with more than 93 clubs in 20 countries. The newest country to host a TICA cat show is Panama.
  • Registration of household pet cats and kittens who compete for the same titles and regional and international awards as the pedigreed cats.
    Georgia Morgan - Founder of TICA

    Georgia Morgan - Founder of TICA


  • More than 54 breeds of cats recognized for championship and non-championship status.

And did you know in 1979 the most popular cat was the Persian. Today it’s the Bengal! TICA is also known for accepting more new breeds including the Toyger, Savannah and of course the Bengal!

So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TICA! We honor all of the beautiful cats that have graced our show halls or found forever-loving homes as pets, and the people who have made TICA what it is today!