Ballot Proposals Pass Vote

All four of the Ballot Proposals have passed your vote.

Proposal 1: Amend By-Law 15.4.2
Allows experienced breeders who are no longer breeding to be elected to the breed committee. Yes 431 No 249

Proposal 2: Add By-Law 14.3.1, 14.3.2 & 14.3.3
Specifies the exact qualifications required to vote on breed sections under the three different breed section scenarios currently possible.
Yes 485 No 196

Proposal 3: Add Registration Rules 33.5.3 & 33.10-33.10.6
A process that allows breeds that have been in championship for 5 years or more in at least 2 other WCC registries to be accepted in TICA as Advanced New Breed, skipping the Preliminary New Breed step. The requirements for advancement to championship to be the same for all breeds. Yes 390 No 299

Proposal 4: Add Show Rule 210.3.1
No exhibitor shall spray, pour or otherwise introduce any liquid or aerosol substance into a judging cage except the official cage cleaning solution in use in that ring, or at the judge=s specific direction. Yes 559 No 123

Vickie Fisher, President
The International Cat Association

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