Here Come the Judge!

Approved Allbreed Judge Adriana Kajon judges a Bengal kitten

Okay, so it’s really judges. Plural. But we want to congratulate all of the judges that have advanced and to those who have entered the judging program. All were announced at TICA’s Spring 2010 Board Meeting held May 14-15, 2010.

  • Longhair / Shorthair Trainee in Judging Program

    Silivina Cases


Probationary Speciality Judge

  • Toni Scarboro


Provisional Allbreed Judge

  • Theresa Kempton

Approved Allbreed Judge

  • Kitti Ruttan
  • Lynn Sherer

Mary-Lise de Landtsheer was advanced to Ring/School Instructor.

TICA has judges around the world. Congratulations to everyone!