Are Cats Left Pawed or Right Pawed?

If your cat is female, most likely she’ll be left pawed. And your boy…well, he’ll be a rightie. Yes, that’s been proven after Deborah Wells, a senior lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast School of Psychology, and co-author Sarah Millsopp examined the paw use of 42 domestic cats last year. Each cat repeatedly completed three play-like tasks while at home with their owners.

Per the report the first a bit of tuna was placed at the bottom of an empty, narrow-mouthed jar., and the cats were observed how they attempted to extract the food treat.

The second task watched which paw the cat used to reach for a toy mouse suspended above the cat’s head on a string.

For the last task the same toy was slowly dragged  on the ground in front of the cats. The first paw used by the cats to try to grab the toy was recorded.

Each feline had 100 paw responses recorded for the study.

What was the overall result? The cats didn’t favor a certain paw to play or reach for the toy mouse. However, the preferred paw to reach for the tuna in the narrow-mouthed jar definately was observed for all cats.  The study findings were later published in the scientific journal Animal Behavior.

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