Vicki Jo Harrison Honored as 2012 Judge of the Year

After breeding and showing Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs for thirty-one years, Vicki Jo Harrison entered TICA’s judging program in 1996. Now seventeen years  and thousands of cats judged around the world later, Vicki Jo has been named Judge of the Year for 2012.

“I am very honored and humbled to have received this award,” said Vicki Jo.

Vicki Jo and her husband John breed and show Oriental Shorthairs under their cattery, Radiance located in the South Central Region, and have produced numerous International, Regional and Breed winners.

She also sits as Chair of TICA’s Siamese and Oriental Shorthair Breed Committees.

Congratulations Vicki Jo!

TICA Welcomes Interim Regional Directors

Interim Regional Directors who will hold the position until elections take place later this year have been named by TICA:

Mike Vasquez has been appointed as interim Regional Director and Board member for the Great Lakes Region. He will serve until elections are held next year. The Great Lakes Region encompasses 12 locations: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Ontario. He has served as the region’s show reporter.

Jay Bangle will act as interim Regional Director and Board member for the Mid Pacific Region this year. The Mid Pacific region includes four states: Nevada, Northern California, Oregon and Utah. Jay is a Provisional All-Breed Judge and Chair of TICA’s Legislative Committee. Under her cattery Bangles, Jay has bred and shown many winning Bengals.

TICA Announces Election Results


TICA recently announced the result of elections for President, Vice President and Breed Committees. This was the first year that qualified members of TICA used an online voting system. More than 60 percent of the votes were submitted online for the first time in the history of TICA.

Vickie Fisher was reelected as President, and Bobbie Tullo was reelected as Vice President of the organization. There were no seats being filled for Board of Directors this year.

Breed committee chairs and members were elected for the next few years. To see a full list of breed committee results, visit the TICA site.

The Breed chair and other committee members work with the breed based on the breed standard, and focus on improving the breed that their committee oversees.

Congratulations to everyone who was voted in for the next two years!

Aline Noel-Garel Named Judge of the Year

Another show season ended April 30th…and another judge has been recognized as Judge of the Year! Congratulations to Aline Noel-Garel who was named Judge of the Year for 2009-2010 by TICA at the Annual Awards Banquet last weekend in Santa Clara, CA.

Aline, who is from Quebec, Canada, became a judge in 1988. But she was highly involved in the cat fancy and helped introduce the Sphynx not only to the United States, but to get it recognized as an approved championship breed. Now every Sphynx that enters a show hall can say thank you to Aline for helping them get the chance to compete for titles and regional and international awards! Today the Sphynx is one of the top ten favorite breeds of cats!

Vickie Fisher, president of TICA said that even before becoming a TICA judge, Aline has championed TICA. To Vickie, there is no finer person than Aline that she wants to represent TICA in countries around the world.

Aline is the thirtieth judge to be named Judge of the Year. Since 1980, TICA’s members have voted for the judge that deserves the distinguished title of Judge of the Year in recognition of their hard work during the previous show season

Ballot Proposals Pass Vote

All four of the Ballot Proposals have passed your vote.

Proposal 1: Amend By-Law 15.4.2
Allows experienced breeders who are no longer breeding to be elected to the breed committee. Yes 431 No 249

Proposal 2: Add By-Law 14.3.1, 14.3.2 & 14.3.3
Specifies the exact qualifications required to vote on breed sections under the three different breed section scenarios currently possible.
Yes 485 No 196

Proposal 3: Add Registration Rules 33.5.3 & 33.10-33.10.6
A process that allows breeds that have been in championship for 5 years or more in at least 2 other WCC registries to be accepted in TICA as Advanced New Breed, skipping the Preliminary New Breed step. The requirements for advancement to championship to be the same for all breeds. Yes 390 No 299

Proposal 4: Add Show Rule 210.3.1
No exhibitor shall spray, pour or otherwise introduce any liquid or aerosol substance into a judging cage except the official cage cleaning solution in use in that ring, or at the judge=s specific direction. Yes 559 No 123

Vickie Fisher, President
The International Cat Association

Regional Director Election Results

Hello all! Please congratulate returning Regional Directors Ralph Stadter, Europe North, Martin Wood, Europe West, and Linda Kay Ashley, Mid Pacific.

Also welcome new directors Francine Hicks, Northeast, Jackie Rose, Southwest and Ed Manning, Southeast.

Thanks to all the candidates who were willing to take on this important job and especially to those of you who exercised your right to vote!

Vickie Fisher, President
The International Cat Association