Cats Show Love Like Their Owners

We all know the old saying….The dog is man’s best friend.

Well while that may be so, they sure don’t know how to show love like man. It takes our fab felines to know how to REALLY show affection the “human way”.

According to a recent report, cats show love like their owners by gentle touches, kisses, eye contact and purring sweet somethings in your ear.

I can say “yes” to all of these because it seems each of my cats tend to show their affection in different ways. Beaner will hold a steady gaze at me with her big green eyes, and once I look at her and smile or say “I Love You” she slowly blinks a “kitty kiss” back. Ms CG lets out a sweet little “bleet” with her pink tongue sticking out between her teeth when I say “I love mama’s girl”.

Gwen, well she’s my “kissy face” girl. She’ll grab my arm, then reach up to touch my face or stand on my chest to plant a big slurpy kiss smack on my lips with her lips. She’s the only cat I’ve ever shared my house with that has done that and it never stops to amaze me that she understands what a kiss is! She’s done it since a kitten so I know it’s how she loves to express her, well, love for me.

Now the boys, they’re different. Hershey will give me “kitty bites” in his own sweet way. And Tim, well he locks your arm down with his two big front arms, snuggles his head on your hands and purrs up a storm. Otherwise he’ll be touching your arm or hand as long as you’re in reach.

So next time you say “I love you” to your cat, look them square in the eyes…and I bet you’ll at least get a “kitty kiss” right back.

PS February 20th is Love Your Pet …. so dont’ forget to say “I Love You” in your own way.

Deb Decker (who shares her house with 4 Havana Browns and one Household Pet)

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