Bengal Kittens From Around The World Featured In Bengals Illustrated

If you’re enamored with the slinky, spotted Bengals,

then you need to check out Bengals Illustrated, the world’s largest Bengal cat magazine. It’s current issue features kittens from around the world in the current issue. It’s a quarterly publication, dedicated to the Bengal cat and its owners, appeals to the pet owner, prospective owner and breeder alike.

Bengals Illustrated is published by Brigitte McMinn, who makes sure that each magazine is filled with full-color photos, heart-warming real-life stories and articles.

If you want to receive Bengals Illustrated in print format, or if you’d like to receive it in digital format or on CD, you can do that too. You’ll also get to create a special blog about your Bengals, and have access to a one-stop shop of Bengal-related products. There’s also a Subscribers Only Forum allowing you to connect with other Bengal cat enthusiasts. If you want to purchase the current Kitten issue, or subscribe to Bengals Illustrated visit