My Cat Has Diabetes…..

In TICA’s magazine, the TICA Trend, we feature a new column called Ask the Vet. Dr. Melinda Fleming, DVM who is a Scientific Services Veterinarian with Royal Canin, answers questions from TICA members, breeders and exhibitors. Here’s a question asked of Dr. Fleming:

My cat was just diagnosed with diabetes, what kind of diet should I give her?

Diabetes mellitus is a challenging disease for the animal, the owner, and the veterinarian. Since your cat was only recently diagnoses, most likely you and your vet are partnering through the process of regulating the diabetes with medication. Nutrition also plays a vital part in the management of this disease. I recommend that you discuss your cat’s diet with your veterinarian. Our cat’s age and overall physical condition must be considered when choosing her food. Cats with diabetes may have other health issues as well so only your vet can determine an appropriate diet.

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