June is Disaster Prepared Month

Since TICA is headquartered in South Texas, we know all too well about hurricanes and having to be ready in case one decides to swing inland.

Tails Pet Media Group lists the things you should remember to have ready for your pets in case of any unplanned emergency:

1. Make sure your pets are already microchipped and registered through an identification program and that all ID tags are on them.
2. Prepare yourself and your human family first. If you are unprepared, you will be unable to help your animals.
3. Have a “go kit” for each member of your family ready in case evacuation is necessary. Similarly create and maintain a “go kit” for each of your animals.
4. In case you must “shelter in place,” prepare your home and maintain the necessary supplies, adequate food, and medication for the humans and pets in your family.
5. For each animal, a kit should include the following supplies: a two-week supply of food and water; hygiene products such as cat litter, paper towels, and plastic bags; a cage or crate; necessary leashes and collars; and vaccination records, photos of your pet, and your veterinarian’s phone number in a waterproof bag.
6. If your pets have medical needs, maintain copies of updated veterinary records and a minimum of a two-week supply of medications. Do not assume there will be veterinary care immediately available at an evacuation shelter.
7. Learn in advance where pet-friendly public shelters will be located in your community in the event of an evacuation.
8. If an emergency strikes, bring pets indoors immediately. Natural disasters, such as a wildfire, hurricane, or tornado, can produce unhealthy air and dangerous debris.
9. If you are separated from your pet, visit shelters regularly with a photo and veterinary records to identify your animal.

And remember, now shelters will not turn you away because you have your pet with you. So if you do need to leave your house during an unplanned event, and don’t have family or friends to stay with or can’t afford a hotel room, go to the local place they have set up for a makeshift shelter for you and your cat (and other pets).