Bingo Helps Kids Learn About Cats and Dogs at Meet the Breeds

1,000 kids played AKC Meet the Breeds® BINGO at Meet the Breeds in New York City held November 19-20, 2011.

Created by The International Cat Association (TICA), American Kennel Club (AKC) and American Pet Products Association (APPA), AKC Meet the Breeds BINGO helped kids learn about the more than 200 dog and cat breeds at AKC Meet the Breeds®.

AKC Meet the Breeds Bingo encourages Responsible Pet Ownership with questions like True or False: “Dogs/cats need their teeth brushed?” and hints were provided to help kids answer each question. Upon completion, kids received a goody bag complements of the American Pet Products Association and the Pets Add Life Poetry Contest, filled with items donated by the AKC and TICA.

Fashion Forward Felines Strut Their Stuff on the Runway

Cats will strut their stuff at the upcoming Meet the Breeds at Jacob Javits Center in New York City, November 19-20. The cats will work the runway at the “Kitty CATure” Feline Fashion Show featuring creations from Meow Wear designer Carla Reiss.

Catch Kitty CATure at 12:30pm on Saturday, November 19th and 12pm on Sunday November 20th!  Tickets for AKC Meet the Breeds are $12 for adults/$8 for kids in advance.  Save an additional 30% at by entering the promo code “Friend” on the tickets page.

Long Live the…..British Longhair!

When you hear a cat lover talk about “the Brit” you see in your mind’s eye a plush-coated, shorthair cat in a wide variety of colors. Okay, guess what? There’s also a LONGHAIR Brit!
The British Longhair has the same characteristics of the British Shorthair but its dense coat stands out from the body emphasizing the cat’s imposing lines. In most colors, large, round eyes ranging from deep gold through copper are set into the smiling face. In pointed cats the eyes are blue while deep green eyes shine in the silvers. The classic Blue remains the most popular color however the breed comes in a rainbow of colors. Their round heads have short noses, chubby cheeks and prominent, rounded whisker pads creating an enigmatic smiling look to the face. The British Longhair’s round eyes are wide open and, combined with the smile, give the cat an amused air.
“British Longhairs are friendly and affectionate, making loyal and devoted companions,” said Vickie Fisher, President of TICA. “If you’re on the sofa, they’ll be snuggled up beside you. But don’t’ think they’re just lap cats! They have a little bit of the clown in them too, playing with toys when they feel like it.”
The British Longhair’s wonderful disposition makes them great family pets. One of the oldest breeds of English cats, the British Longhair was once a hunter and protector of the barns. Today it embraces family life, preferring to snooze in comfort by the fire and to exchange hunting for playing with toy mice. It is a dignified, affectionate cat, sometimes referred to as the Winston Churchill of the cat world, roaming its household dominion with all four feet on the floor.
TICA recognized the British Longhair earlier this year as an approved breed that can compete for championship titles.