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Ten Second Litter Box Founder, Michael W. Jackson transformed the litter box by creating a quick and easy disposable litter solution. Michael invented a disposable litter box back in the late 1980’s, but didn’t take his idea to market until a few years ago with the help of company partner Del Lott to form Ten Second Litter Box. The Ten Second Litter Box system includes an easy to assemble water-resistant box that folds and locks when you are ready to change your cat’s litter or offer a fresh new box. There is no scooping through smelly litter and cleaning boxes. Residue is contained and cats have a clean environment every week. Boxes can be used openly or a “kitty cottage” can be purchased to fit over the box to help keep litter and debris contained in the box. Those wishing to extend the life of their boxes can also use scoopable litter.

To learn more about Ten Second Litter Box products, visit https://www.tensecondlitterbox.com.

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Ten Second Litter Box

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