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Silver Shaded & Silver Chinchilla Kittens (GIGISILVER)


We breed beautiful silver color point or silver shaded kittens with blue, turquoise, aqua or light green eyes. Our parents come from long lines of champion show cats. They have tested negative for FeLV, FIV, PKD and all are blood group A. We only have one male cat, a blue silver color point (as 11 33) and he has a select harem of very pretty silver girls. We are located just outside of sunny and warm Orlando, FL so our girls are able to have kittens all year round. We try to space our kitten litters out so that we have one litter available all year round. Kittens will have had 2 vet exams, 2 vaccinations, 2 wormings, negative fecal, health certificate and health record from their time of birth. We also retire our girls after a couple of litters of kittens so they can go to their new, forever homes when they are between 2 and 3 years old. Our adult girls are fully vetted but deeply discounted in price so please check with us if you would consider a young adult. We ship via a concierge air cargo service to many places in the US. Shipping cost is $430. Please check out our website and email for more information.

Cattery: GigiSilver
First Name: Maria
Last Name: Said
City: Windermere

Exp 1/20/2020

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Silver Shaded & Silver Chinchilla Kittens (GIGISILVER)

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