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Merck Veterinary Manual

Cat Cup BedsTICA

Looking for a luxurious designer cat cup bed for your little angel? Search no longer... your dream cat cup bed is here! Contemporary, cool and comfy cat cup beds for the summer and with the included fleece pillow, warm and cozy in the winter. The covers are made with luxurious home decor fabrics (100% polyester) and cool cotton fabrics (65% polyester and 35% cotton). The covers are easily removed from the bottom. I also have cat perch covers for cat trees - check it out!

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Boots and Me, LLCTICA

Two delightful children's books by Carol S. Hervin

Boots Finds a New Home is a charming story about how Boots, a tiny lost kitten, came to be part of her new wonderful family. Fall in love with a cute, adventurous kitten as she discovers a new life she is thankful for. Young readers are invited to follow along in this playful story with interactive questions. This is a delightful story that will be enjoyed and read over and over. It is sure to become one of your favorites! Available on Amazon.

Boots and Sam, A Story of Friendship is a delightful story of two loveable cats, who meet and quickly become best friends. Follow along in their adventures as they make new friends, learn new things from each other, discover their differences, and value their diversity and the gift of friendship. Interactive questions throughout the story encourage imaginative thinking and conversation. This playful story is one that will become loved and read over and over! Available on Amazon.

Carol Hervin
17837 1st Ave. So
PMB 242
Normandy Park, Washington
(206) 250-2238
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Centaur Awards TICA

We have been proudly supplying TICA clubs with cat show ribbons & rosettes since 1979!! Watch our you tube video or visit our on-line catalog at If you have any questions please call or email Janice, Linda or Marybeth. We would be happy to help in any way we can!

Centaur Awards
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EZ-Groomer Undercoat RakesTICA

I feel it is a great privilege to introduce my grooming tools to the largest cat association in the world. Not only because I know many cat owners absolutely need my product, but because cats appreciate the grooming process so much. I can assure you that if you have a Ragdoll, Maine Coon or Persian breed, my seven tooth comb is a grooming tool you have been looking for. Even if you have a short haired cat with significant undercoat, my combs will work very well on their coats too.

These combs utilize a clear breakthrough in grooming tooth design. These combs gather undercoat more effectively and in a gentler manner than any other tools that I have tried. Cats love being groomed with these combs. The grooming tool will reduce mats and certainly hairballs. I can ship three combs for the price of one, so if you have a friend that also wants one, this will be a good opportunity save money. These combs will work even better in the impending shedding season. You will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with this product.

Petstream Enterprises INC.
Kennieth Ticehurst
4375 Oliver Road
Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3E 3H6
(604) 944-0832
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Helmi Flick Cat PhotographyTICA

Helmi Flick Cat Photography provides on-site portraits at upcoming TICA cat shows or at her home studio. Her photographs have graced the pages of books and cat magazines around the world, as well as the covers and in the featured breed sections in Cat Fancy Magazine. To learn more about Helmi and see her "Gallery of Stars" on her website.

Helmi Flick Cat Photography
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Ready to cuddle up with your favorite finned and furry friends? Meet the Purrmaids! A family of your favorite breeds of cats and fish, all mixed up and combined with playful puns! Each Purrmaid plush showcases a different pair of cat/fish breeds. They also come complete with their own special story! There's two sizes to pick from: the extra-large Purrmaids ($40 USD), and small Baby Purrs ($15 USD). Purrmaids are great for teaching your child (or inner child!) about various cat and fish breeds! Dive deeper to learn about the environments they live in, and how it's all connected!

Our company mission is for people of all ages to enjoy the possibilities of their imagination with family and friends. We pride ourselves in creating fantastic worlds that people can relate to, through characters that warm the heart and soul of all generations to follow. Our products teach people to embrace their curiosity and their love of creativity. From learning cat breeds, to understanding the environment we live in, we understand this precious earth and all the life around us is all we have, and it is worth protecting and defending.

Twitter: kikidoodletweet
Instagram: kikidoodling

KikiDoodle, LLC
P.O. Box 7055
Beaverton, OR 97007

(909) 910-3400
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Ceramic Fountains For Healthy CatsTICA

Flowing water is vital to a healthy cat, saving greatly in vet bills. A Thirstycat fountain is the only 100% handmade cat fountain in the world and we are known for quality & customer care. Use the coupon code TICA for a 10% discount.

Thirstycat Fountains
Keith Davitt
15 West Main Street, Suite J
Cambridge, New York
(518) 677-8357
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TICA TICA Yearbooks

The TICA yearbook is a professional hard-back, annual collector's edition containing photographs of the world's finest pedigreed felines; International and Regional Award winners; Outstanding Sires/Dams; Supreme Grand Champions; interesting feature articles by top breeders, noted feline authorities, veterinarians, and geneticists. The Yearbook also includes breeder advertising. All of TICA's Yearbooks have been limited editions and a few of these volumes are still available through the Executive Office. Although, most of the earlier editions are now collector's items.

To place an order, call the Executive Office (956) 428-8046.

2017 TICA Yearbook Order Form
2016 TICA Yearbook Order Form
Previous TICA Yearbook Order Form

TICA would like to donate yearbooks to libraries or other educational organizations. Please call (956) 428-8046 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check if you are eligible to receive TICA yearbooks free of charge.