Accepted for Championship in TICA in May 2003

2016 - 2017
Best of Breed

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Best LaPerm of the Year
Best LaPerm of the Year
RW QGC Catcurls BC Ellette of Miragecats
Blue Classic Tabby
Best LaPerm Alter of the Year
Best LaPerm Alter of the Year
RW SGCA Reddazzle BC Stetson of Indrio
TICA Breed Committee

TICA Breed Committees are responsible for continued guidance, development, and/or modifications in the breed standards for the championship breeds and for those breeds under development recognized by TICA. These committee members are elected by their peers who must also be members of the breed section in order to vote and must be actively engaged in the breeding and showing of their particular breed.

LAPERM (LH/SH) Breed Committee

Chair: Denise Abraham This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.