General Questions

Q: What is TICA?
A: TICA is the acronym for THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION, the world's largest genetic registry of pedigree and non-pedigreed cats and one of the world's largest sanctioning bodies for cat shows. TICA is committed to the promotion, protection and preservation of both pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats. The organization currently (as this changes often) recognizes sixty-three breeds of cats. TICA also registers household pet cats and kittens, and is the only registry that allows household pets to compete for the same titles and regional and international awards as the pedigreed cats. The organization has 236 active clubs that host shows attended by exhibitors and breeders in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Headquartered in Harlingen, Texas, TICA celebrated its 35th anniversary during 2014. To learn more about TICA read our About TICA page.


Q: What is "the cat fancy"?
A: The cat fancy includes owners, exhibitors, breeders and judges of cats.


Q: How much does everything cost?
A: View the Pricelist


Q: What is the deadline for proposals to be received in the Executive Office for the next meeting?
A: Standing Rules

1018.2 Amendments. Proposals to amend Standards shall be considered by the Board of Directors at annual or semi-annual meetings and must be in writing and received in accordance with ARTICLE EIGHTEEN, 118.2 of the TICA By-Laws. Proposals must be received by the Genetics and Rules Committees no later than 120 days prior to the opening day of the meeting. Proposals received after the 120-day deadline will be placed on the following meeting agenda.

1018.2.1 Proposals must be on the approved form, R-4023 Proposal to Amend Standards (available from the Executive Office or tica.org).

1018.2.1.1 Notification. Members are to be notified of action taken at the Board Meeting on proposals submitted by them with a target date of 10 working days after completion of the minutes.


118.2 Amendment of Existing Standards. Proposed Standard amendments including but not limited to the addition or deletion of colors or the adoption of a new Standard for a recognized breed shall be submitted by the Breed Committee Chairperson to the Genetics, and Rules Committees 120 days prior to the Board meeting at which the changes are to be considered. The Genetics and Rules Committees shall act on the proposal within 15 days of receipt. Upon approval of the Genetics and Rules Committees, the Executive Office shall issue a ballot to all bonafide voting members of the Breed/Breed Group Section(s) no less than 100 days prior to the Board Meeting at which the changes are to be considered, to be counted by the official TICA Ballot Judge. Financial responsibility for said poll shall rest with the requesting party(ies).


Q: When is the next cat show in my region?
A: Please see the official show calendar here: TICA Show Calendar


Q: When is the next meeting?
A: View our page about meetings


Q: When must my club renew its charter?
A: No matter when in a show year (May 1-April 30) a club is chartered, it must renew that charter on May 1 in accordance with Standing Rules for the membership 103.3.1,, A new club chartered in April will have an expiration date of the following year. All officers must be members with the same expiration date as that of the club. Club charters and renewals are not prorated.


Q: Where are last years award winning cats listed?
A: View our awards page.


Q: Where can I find a list of outstanding catteries?
A: View our catteries page.


Q: Where can I find the publications?
A: View our publications page.


Q: Where can I go to a show?
A: Please see the official show calendar here: TICA Show Calendar.


Q: Why does TICA recognize different breeds than other cat registries?
A: TICA recognizes more breeds of pedigreed cats because it is a genetic registry. As a genetic registry, TICA allows new breeds still being developed and breeds with new traits. Read more about our breed classifications on our Breeds Page.