Litter Questions

Q: Can I register my litter if the sire is not TICA registered?
A: Yes, the litter can be registered, but you must provide a certified three generation pedigree on the sire.


Q: Do I have to fill out the color of each cat if I am registering the litter as a unit?
A: Yes, every section D must be filled out.


Q: What do I do if I want to register a cat off the litter?
A: Fill out section E with the name of the cat and name of the owner and the fee is $10.00.


Q: Where do I mark on a litter "Not for Breeding" and "Not for Showing" ?
A: Write the restrictions on the cats that are being registered anywhere on the litter near the name of the cat that it is pertaining to.


Q: Why didn't my cattery name appear as a prefix on the blueslips from the litter I registered?
A: On the litter registration application, under section C: DAM, under Signature of Owner(s), is a space to request your cattery name be used as a prefix on the litter. If this space is left empty, the Executive Office does not type your cattery name as prefix on each blueslip, and even if requested, will not register a cat from one of those blueslips with your cattery name in the prefix position. The way to correct this (if you did want your cattery name as prefix on the blueslips), is to return the Litter Registration Application and ALL the blueslips plus the $7 correction fee. If any of the kittens are already registered, you must also return those certificates (or have them returned) plus the $7 correction fee for each.