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Hurricane Harvey did his best to spoil TICA's party of the year. Despite some damage to a portion of the building, and Harvey's best efforts, the TICA spirit prevailed. As a result, this year's Annual was a very special show in which the TICA family pulled together to make it happen.
As a way to give back to Texas, four vehicles of food, along with a pallet of litter from Dr. Elsey's and Sanisorb were collected and donated to The Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, which they in turn distributed to their sister shelter in the hard-hit area of Rockport-Fulton, where Harvey made landfall. 
The South Central Region and Big Tex Cat Club would like to thank the numerous people, who without their help the show would not have gone on. First and foremost, we would like to thank Fate Mays for his tireless efforts in helping the show succeed; Roeann Fulkerson for generating thousands of dollars in sponsorships for the weekend's events; and to Gloria Mahan, Liz Hansen and Vikki Moran for re-configuring our show hall in a very short period of time.
Maricia Munden for commandeering an Office Depot copy machine at the last minute to make reproductions of show catalogs that were delayed, and Ruth Willet and Donna Maddox for their amazing fundraising efforts.
Thanks to our wonderful entry clerk, Sheryl Zink; Brenda Russo; and everyone who helped with set-up on Friday and tear down on Sunday, including: Kim Tomlin; Jean Hanum; Dana Zauf; Caroline Fralia; Joe Edwards; Marty Young; Dawn Lott; our fabulous decorator, Sharron Henderson and many, more people.
Last but not least, we would like to thank all the exhibitors who made it to the show! The things you did to get to the show were amazing, it will never be forgotten! For those that couldn't get there, you were very much missed!  We hope this special issue of the TICA newsletter gives you a snapshot of the weekend.
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Annual photos were made possible by show photographer Larry Johnson. Click here to get a closer look at these and the many other photos taken during the event.

Welcome to the TICA Booth: 
Cheryl Hogan & Vickie Fisher
Show and Vendors, ready to go!
Sturdi Booth

Dr. Elsey's Booth
Junior Exhibitor Ring: Megan Jones presenting her cat, with Vickie Fisher conducting the ring
Connie Webb judging and Bonnie Wilson training

Aline Noel-Garel judging. Johary Gomez training and Steven Corneille "visiting"
Awards Table
 Nick Lovell & Andres Munt

New TICA Partnership  with  Wisdom Health™ 
Creates  Extensive Database for 
Feline Health Research 

With the excitement of the 2017 Annual show as a backdrop, TICA unveiled a new scientific research partnership with Wisdom Health (formally Mars Veterinary) that combines TICA's position as the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats with the genetics expertise of Wisdom Health to bring feline genetic health to the forefront.  
Using the Optimal Selection™ Feline Genetic Breeding Analysis test, one of the most comprehensive genomic screening tools commercially available, TICA will participate in a widespread genetic analysis of pedigreed cats.
This unprecedented affiliation between scientific investigation and the breeding community offers experiential validation for breeds and breeding programs.
Information attained from the study will help identify the prevalence of inherited mutations across a large cross section of pedigreed cats in the United States.
This information can then be used to help eliminate genetic disease from the breeding cat population and could be leveraged to help the understanding of these diseases in humans, as many genetic conditions that affect cats also exist in people.
The details:
  • 1,000 TICA-registered cats will be able to participate
  • 100 free tests provided by Wisdom Health will be distributed by the TICA Board of Directors to the most awarded cats
  • 900 tests will be available at a 30% discount (retails for US$99.99) to TICA Members only
  • Participants must complete an online survey to accompany the submitted sample within 14 days of receipt
  • Sampled cats will get a customized report with results for 30+ genetic diseases and 15+ genetic traits; a sample report can be seen here
  • Wisdom Health will also donate $5 per sample submitted to support a feline health study co-determined by TICA & Wisdom Health
  • Results of the survey and genetic findings will be published in a peer-reviewed journal as the first comprehensive feline genetic study co-authored by TICA
Check out the next issue of the TICA Trend for more information and a Q&A with one of Wisdom Health's veterinarians, Dr. Katie Lytle on the "State of the Cat" program.
Contact your Regional Director or Anthony Hutcherson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Are you excited to participate or have more questions about this new opportunity? Send us your feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Annual photo's were made possible by show photographer Larry Johnson. Click here to get a closer look at these and the many other photos taken during the event.

Pre-Banquet Mariachi band
Johary Gomez, Rick Hoskinson, Marylou Anderson & friend

Theresa Kempton & Lynne Helke
Luiz Paulo Faccioli, 
Connie Webb & friend


Emmons Brown, Liz Hansen &friends
Best HHP Kitten Award recipients


Some donations collected by TICA 2017 Annual Attendees & Exhibitors

TICA 2017 Annual Donates 
Four Car Loads of Food & Supplies
to Aid Hurricane Harvey Feline Victims
While event organizers were busy rearranging plans for the 2017 TICA Annual as a result of Hurricane Harvey, the state of Texas was also undergoing massive rescue efforts for an overwhelming number of cats that were left scared, hungry and alone due to the storm.
To aid in rescue efforts, TICA used the power of its members and the TICA Annual to drive donations for cats who were left in need.
TICA member Caroline Fralia and Joe Edwards (both of Cowtown Critter Corral) contacted immediately various TICA clubs, members and posted on social media sites asking those attending the TICA Annual to bring donations to the event.
In addition to 2,000 pounds of litter, 200 pounds of cat food, and 150 pounds of dog food organized by Roeann Fulkerson, Caroline Fralia, and Joe Edwards, TICA Annual organizers collected 4 vehicles full of litter, cat food and even dog food for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
At the end of the event, all food donations and a 1,000-pound pallet of litter were donated to the Cattery Cat Shelter, based in Corpus Christie. The facility also received collars and leashes that were donated by the Beth Edwards of the Recycled Love Animal Rescue and dog food contributions and delivered them to their sister shelter, Rockport Animal Services.
Caroline and Joe transported a second 1,000-pound pallet of cat litter back with them to Fort Worth and donated it to the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT).  
In addition, the TICA SC Disaster Fund assisted two retired TICA exhibitors to aid in Hurricane Harvey assistance.
Former Ragdoll breeder and exhibitor Brenda Hammett was given $500 to assist in the flood and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and former Scottish Fold breeder and exhibitor Grace Guidry (Hebredes Cattery) was provided $500 to relocate out of Houston with her cats and dog. Grace is also very active in Scottish Fold Rescue.
While much of the flood water has receded, shelters continue to rescue cats in this devastated area and are still in need of monetary donations to restock supplies. 
Those wishing to volunteer or donate can contact the following TICA-approved organizations or to the charity of your choice:
The Cattery Cat Rescue http://www.thecatterycc.org
Humane Society of North Texas https://www.hsnt.org
Texas A&M Emergency Veterinary Team http://vetmed.tamu.edu/vet
Click image to watch the TV segment. 
Pictured from l to r: Liz Hansen, GL Regional Director, Toni Jones, Heather Guajardo, host from the TV station, Vanadis Crawford ( back row) Emmons Brown, and Anthony Hutcherson, MA Regional Director
Kiii-TV Corpus Christi Helps Spread the Word about TICA Annual Hurricane Donation Drive
Event organizers of the 2017 TICA Annual quickly realized that together exhibitors and attendees could make a huge difference for the staggering number of cats left in need from the destruction Hurricane Harvey. 
As a result, Hurricane Relief quickly because the theme of the event. 
Attendees were encouraged to donate food and supplies to displaced animals as a result of Harvey in exchange for discounted tickets. 

TICA members  Liz Hansen, Toni Jones, Vanadis Crawford,  Emmons Brown, and Anthony Hutcherson and their fabulous felines sprung into action to help get the word out to everyone with the help of Kiii-TV Corpus Christi.

At the end of the event, four vehicles full of food and litter donations were sent  to the Cattery Cat Shelter, based in Corpus Christi.

Click here or on the image above to watch the segment.


Annual photo's were made possible by show photographer Larry Johnson. Click here to get a closer look at these and the many other photos taken during the event.

TICA President Fate Mays
Best Alter Award recipients 
Best Kitten Award recipients
Best HHP Award recipients
Best HHP Kitten Award recipients
TICA Vice President Bobbie Tullo being awarded TICA Treasure Award
Don Caruthers - TICA 2016 Treasure recipient
Jamie Christian TICA Judge of the Year recipient

Q. How did sponsors of the 2017 TICA Annual contribute to the event?
A. While the South Central Region & Big Tex Cat Club were busy planning ever detail to make the 2017 TICA Annual the most amazing event for TICA members, the show could not have gone on without the generous support of our corporate sponsors.

A big thank you goes to Dr. Elsey's Products, our largest monetary contributor to TICA and the 2017 TICA Annual. All litter for the show and hotel was provided by Dr. Elsey's. Hurricane Harvey made a change in those plans. When the litter arrived, it was donated to a central location in Corpus Christi and distributed to the displaced cats from the hurricane. Dr. Elsey's also fully funded the iCATS Feline Agility, including the ever-popular signage, as well as many other extra perks.
The educational ring was provided by ViaGen Pets, including opportunities for presentation time slots three times per day as well as all the signage that accompanied the ring.  Unfortunately due to Hurricane Harvey, we missed having ViaGen attending the Annual.
All the beautiful neck-wallets with the show logo were generously donated by Sturdi Products. Owners Rich and Penny hand carried them to Corpus due to the hurricane interfering with normal shipping.
Ring Sponsors included:
  • CleanHealthy Pet Products - In addition to sponsoring a ring, they also provided the terrific recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, non-allergenic, non-toxic, litter boxes and food bowls to every exhibitor. 
  • Kitty Bloom- In addition to sponsoring a ring, they also provided products to class winners and Best In Show as well as put together donations for the first 25 kittens adopted from the shelters.
  • Nekoflies - In addition to sponsoring a ring they also offered to provide products for the Best Cats. Unfortunately, due to Harvey, they were unable to attend, but did still manage to provide five new rods and flies to the Best Cats in each division.  
  • PurrmaidsIn addition to sponsoring a ring they also made product donations to the raffle. 
Do you have a question to ask TICA about breeding, shows or anything about cats in general? No question is too big or small to ask. Just send your question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will answer your question in a future issue of the newsletter.
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