March 2018 Issue
From the President's Desk:
A Message from TICA President Vickie Fisher
ありがとう、TICA Japan!

I just returned from judging in Kobe, Japan.  What a wonderful show, full of beautiful cats, filled with incredible warmth and hospitality and set in the spectacular venue of the Kobe Port Terminal. (Never have I ever had the experience of waving bon voyage to a cruise ship docked just on the other side of the show hall windows!  So much fun!)
TICA is almost 40 years old and for many years, our members and clubs in Japan were what made us "International."  We should all thank our TICA friends in Japan for their commitment and dedication to TICA for so many years.  
New TICA Logos Updated and 
Now Available for Download
All TICA logos have now been updated and are available for download. All advertisements and other materials that incorporate the TICA logo must be updated going forward. 
New logos are more modern in design and reflect the registered ® symbol. Logos that incorporate the cat above the TICA logo were created to help the public easily identify that we are about cats. This logo should be used when promoting TICA cat shows and anywhere the public might see the logo. 
The symbol ® signifies that the trademark (logo, tagline, etc.) is registered and protected, so it cannot be used by another company or organization. As TICA grows around the world, our registered branding and uniform appearance will protect the organization.
Going forward, the TICA logo with the registration mark should be used on all websites and print pieces that promote a TICA show or event. The logo is authorized in only two colors and must not be altered in color or other tweaks. The dark blue is PMS 288, black or white. Please also note, the 30-year logo is no longer in use.
Logos can be found in the "Members" section of tica.org under the "Marketing" tab. Please visit 
to see the logo downloads and make the appropriate updates to your regional websites, club websites, breeder sites and promotional materials.
Get Your Cat Certified as a TICA Therapy Cat 
Our cats are an endless source of unconditional love. Why not join more than 15,000 volunteers nationwide and share some of that happiness with those who need it most.
Volunteering with your cat as a Therapy Team is a rewarding way to make a difference in the lives of hospital patients, nursing home residents and even neighbors who aren't as mobile as they used to be.
TICA is the first cat registry where teams of cats and owners can earn titles, certificates and badges for their feline by registering as a Therapy Cat and volunteering as a team. The program is available to adults and kids 10 and older with permission from their parent or guardian. 
Once your cat has met the requirements and is registered as a therapy cat by a TICA approved organization, such as Pet Partners, your team can earn 3 levels of titles based on approved visits. The program is available to adults and kids 10 and older with permission from their parent or guardian. 
While the emphasis is on helping others, along the way you'll end up making new friends, and earn an invaluable sense of accomplishment.
Check here to find out if your cat meets current behavior/health requirements.
For more information on TICA's Therapy Cat program go to: http://www.tica.org/en/awards/therapy-cat-title-program. For more details on registering your feline as a therapy cat go to: PetPartners.org
The Hidden Risk When Feeding Your Cat 
Pet owners have become hyper-conscious of labels when it comes to what they put into their own bodies and that of their pets. So it's not surprising to learn that more than 80 percent of global pet food launches from September 2015 - 2016 were marketed on some sort of health platform, according to Innova Market Insights.
Owners are scrutinizing labels to check that their cat's food contains no additives or preservatives, are vitamin and mineral enriched, high in protein, organic, gluten-free, GMO-free. Yet many are overlooking the most important question when it comes to keeping their cat healthy during mealtime "why make so much effort to produce a natural, healthy pet food when people often serve the food in a dirty bowl?" 
Numerous articles by leading veterinarians and scientist confer that a dirty pet dish is ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, yeast and mold, which can make a pet very sick. 
According to the NFS International 45% of pet bowls have E. coli, Salmonella and/or yeast/mold. Moreover, pet owners will be shocked to find out that the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association reports that 67% still had Salmonella on them after washing. The problem will only get worse as more and more people serve their pet organic and sometimes raw pet food.
To avoid contamination and keep your cat healthy during mealtime, TICA suggests feeding your feline in a disposable bowl that you can throw away after each meal such as TICA Endorsement of Excellence recipient CleanHealthy Pet Products. Their feeding bowls are convenient and can be placed inside your cat's favorite dish. Best of all there is no hot water washing or guilt since their bowls is 100% compostable. 
Kickstarter Page Created to Fund New Book 
By Former TICA Design Contest Winner
A Kickstarter page has been created for artist and author Laura Seeley's new book, "A Cat Never Tells." Seeley's artwork won the TICA Visitor Guide design contest and is featured on the cover of the TICA World of Cats Guide. She is also known for her numerous books and paintings that celebrate cats and dogs.
The book, written in verse with beautiful hand-crafted colorful paintings, celebrates the love and bond people have for their pets. The story tells a tale of the day a beloved cat goes missingand explores the possibilities of where her cat could have gone. The 80-page book makes the perfect gift for any cat-lover.
Seely hopes to raise funds for the upcoming book by Wed, May 16 2018 8:05 PM EDT. Pledges in any amount can be made on her Kickstarter page. Fifteen gift rewards -- ranging from postcards, hand crafted notecards, copies of the book, prints, pendants and more -- are awarded for pledges ranging from $6 - $1,495. Click here to find out more about Seeley's Kickstarter campaign. 
TICA In The News
The Evangeline Country Cat Fanciers Cat Show received great media attention in the Houston Press. Read all about it here 
News station KABW8 shows off some of the cats competing at the East of Eden Cat Show. Watch here
The Swindon Advertiser shows a behind the scenes look at Swindon's Oasis, Europe's largest international cat show. Watch here
An Update from the WINN Foundation
2018 Winn Grant Review: The Winn board and their scientific advisors will be meeting in Portland Oregon this March to review the 46 grant proposals received and choose which ones have the most potential to advance our knowledge of feline health and welfare. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our individual and corporate donors, Winn is poised to have the largest group of funded grants in its 50 year history! Keep an eye open for our announcement of the exciting research projects your Winn donations will be supporting this year.
Winn's 50th Anniversary Party: Celebrate with our mascot Winnie on June 28th immediately after our annual educational symposium in Atlanta. Cake, a cash bar, and light refreshments will be served, so stop by to show your support and drink a toast to our past successes and hopes for the future. 
Annual Winn Feline Symposium: Don't forget to sign up for the Winn symposium on our websiteDr. Katie Tolbert from the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine will be discussing new therapies for treating feline infectious diarrhea. Dr. Melissa Beall from IDEXX Laboratories will be presenting on Feline Leukemia Virus, with some surprising new information of interest to all cat fanciers.
A Loving Legacy Tip for March: Durable powers of attorney can be an important part of your estate plan.  Wills are testamentary instruments, meaning they take effect upon your death. A power of attorney is a legal document in which you (as principal) allow your agent (called the attorney in fact) to act on your behalf in specified matters while you are still alive.  
Traditional powers of attorney are terminated when you die or become incompetent. A durable power of attorney either is effective (springing) or remains effective if you later become incompetent.  
With durable powers of attorney your agent may be able to take care of your affairs without going to court for guardianship or conservatorship proceedings if you become incapacitated. Durable powers of attorney are often divided into financial and medical powers.  
Financial powers may allow your attorney in fact to pay your family's expenses, manage your bank accounts and investments, collect your Social Security or other benefits, operate your business, pay your taxes or take care of other financial matters as you designate.  
Your medical power of attorney can allow (or prohibit) your agent from approving certain medical procedures on your behalf. In most states your medical power of attorney may also include provisions about donations of your body parts after death (either to permit or forbid) and may include provisions about disposition of your remains. Your agent (attorney in fact) is required to follow your wishes and act in your best interests.  
You may revoke or modify a durable power of attorney as long as you are mentally competent.  Durable powers of attorney end on your death so they cannot take the place of a Will or Trust. Please consult with your attorney to learn now durable powers of attorney may fit into your estate plan.   

Proposed Bill Would Make 'Mouth-to-Snout' Resuscitation Legal in California 

Current laws within the United States specify that only licensed veterinarians can treat an animal during emergencies where pets are rescued, regardless of the situation.
That could change for California residents with a bill introduced in California state Senate by Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda), who wants to legalize "mouth-to snout" resuscitation and other heroic interventions to save pets rescued in emergencies.
SB1305 would shield first responders and their employers from liability for civil damages or criminal prosecution after providing emergency care to cats and dogs.
The state's veterinary license law prevents firefighters and paramedics from treating animals they often rescue, including basic first aid. Treating an animal without a license is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2,000, a one-year jail sentence or both.
Currently, Ohio and Colorado are the only two states within the U.S. that have passed similar legislation.
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