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We are back in the office again! You can reach us via telephone during regular business hours.

The Executive Office is currently processing requests received during the week of Aug 6, 2020.

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Newsletter Vol.107: January 2019

New Year, New TICA.org

New tica orgIf you've visited tica.org recently you will have noticed some big changes. Over the last year a team of TICA employees, volunteers and consultants have been working tirelessly on analyzing, comparing and troubleshooting tica.org to ensure visitors have the most complete experience when accessing tica.org.

“This is the first upgrade to TICA's website in almost 10 years,” said TICA President Vickie Fisher. “We are excited to now offer visitors a mobile-friendly website with direct access to an integrated show calendar, an optional entry clerking solution and service tickets, among other exciting features.”

The redesigned site includes many new features designed for both members and those new to TICA who are looking to find more information about our fabulous felines. Among them:

  • Mobile friendly design, making it easier to search, read and conduct transactions while on smartphones and tablets.
  • An integrated show calendar that allows clubs to request show dates, complete with approval workflows (in case of conflict within the same region or 500 miles) and show license application. 
  • The option of adding an integrated entry clerking solution. Exhibitors can manage their show cat information and enter cats directly on tica.org. Use of TOES as an entry system is not mandatory for clubs, but is encouraged.
  • Support options. Access to previous support tickets and creation of new support tickets directly on the website.
  • Access to judges’ information, including sorting and filtering. Judges now also have the option to update their own information.
  • Breed of the Week which highlights the personality traits, basic features and care needs of a different TICA breed each week to help those interested in sharing their home with a pedigreed cat find the right breed for them.

TICA is also working on the following features to be added in the coming months:

  • Online payment options using PayPal and most major credit cards.
  • Change in official standings format from PDFs to a system that allows searching and filtering options.
  • Additional online services to replace Logiforms.

TICA would like to thank Vice President Ralph Stadter for taking a leadership role and spending countless hours establishing logic, navigation and trouble shooting post implementation; Jonathan Patterson, TICA's contract webmaster, for designing the look and feel and integration of the entire site; Erwin van den Bunder for the integration and transfer of TOES and the installation of the indispensible Show Calendar feature; Roeann Fulkerson for her professional input from a marketing perspective; Christina Duffey-Carey for working with TICA Breed Committees to create “Breed of the Week” profiles; Cheryl Hogan and Helmi Flick for locating the purr-fect breed profile photos from Helmi’s professional works; and Harley DeVilbiss for reviewing each page for accuracy and necessary tweaks.

TICA redesigned the site with YOU in mind, therefore we’d love to hear from you. We've already gotten some great feedback and the team has been busy addressing each issue. Any feedback or suggestions can be emailed to it@tica.org along with screenshots of any pages being referenced.

To read more about how to navigate the redesigned site click here 


In This Issue

2018 TICA Annual Election ResultsTICA Board Appoints New Europe South Regional DirectorTen Of The 11 Proposed Topics That Were Up For Election Were PassedTICA Winter Board Meeting Set for Jan 16-17TICA + Mars Wisdom Health = Member SavingsTICA Welcomes 2 New Clubs into Our FamilyKansas State University Asks Breeders to Participate in Veterinary Student SurveyTICA Represents Pedigree Cats in 2019 Family Pet ShowsWINN Announces 2018 Miller Trust Grant AwardsTICA Regional Updates

2018 TICA Annual Election Results

BallotTICA Congratulates Elected Regional Directors

Your voices were heard and results for the Regional Directors you think will best govern the organization’s future, as reported by Election-America, Inc. are as follows:

Help TICA Congratulate all our appointed Regional Directors!

TICA Board Appoints New Europe South Regional Director

The TICA Board would also like to thank all those who stepped up and volunteered to be considered for the Europe South Regional Director position. The Board has voted to appoint Steven Corneille as Interim Regional Director for Europe South, effective January 1, 2019. He will serve the remaining year of Kurt Vlach's term.

Please join TICA in congratulating Steven and thanking Kurt for his service to the ES Region and the TICA Board of Directors. Best wishes Kurt and welcome Steven!

Ten Of The 11 Proposed Topics That Were Up For Election Were Passed

Our voting members have always helped decide the rules that shape our hobby to help achieve the results that drive TICA into the future.  

The following 2018 Proposed rules were all voted to be amended:

The only rule up for election that did not gain enough votes to be approved was the Combined Format Shows proposal.

Voting was held October 22, 2018 - December 6, 2018, and overseen by Election-America, Inc.

Blue Globe Name Only

TICA Winter Board Meeting Set for Jan 16-17

The TICA winter Board meeting will take place on Jan 16th - 17th, 2019 at 7am CST via teleconference. The upcoming meeting agenda is full with many proposals, including those involving the judging committee/program. View the full agenda here

TICA + Wisdom Health = Member Savings

Optimal Selection box

TICA and Wisdom Health are excited to partner again in 2019, bringing you a Member-exclusive discount on the world's most comprehensive, commercially available genetic screening DNA test for cats, OPTIMAL SELECTION.

In 2017-2018, nearly 1000 TICA-registered cats participated in the Association’s State of the Cat study by submitting an OPTIMAL SELECTION Feline Genetic Breeding Analysis test (if you still have your Study kit, please submit it!). The study was used to increase awareness and understanding of genetic diseases and conditions in cats.

TICA Members will find their unique discount code waiting for them after they sign into their TDS account. The discount code will be good for 15% off purchases of OPTIMAL SELECTION  (US/Canada) or MyCatDNA (worldwide) through Dec. 31, 2019.

Stay tuned for more news about feline genetics from Wisdom Health throughout the year.


TICA Welcomes 2 New Clubs into Our Family

TICA rings in 2019 with the addition of two new clubs to our growing family. Please help us welcome Cat Friends of Germany E.V. (Niedernhausen, Germany) joining our Europe North Region and Surf-N-Turf Cat Club (San Diego, CA) joining our Southwest Region.


Kansas State University Asks Breeders to Participate in Veterinary Student Survey

Kansas State University is asking breeders to share their experiences to help veterinary professionals serve them better. The survey seeks to highlight and help veterinary students overcome perceptions and misperceptions about breeders and recognize their own personal bias prior to serving as a vet.

Educators at Kansas State University intend to use survey results to help identify a number of customer service areas that can potentially be addressed by educators who train veterinary students.

Responses to the survey are anonymous. For more information on the survey and to participate click here. 

TICA Represents Pedigree Cats in 2019 Family Pet Shows

125x250TICA is honored to be the exclusive feline presence at all 2019 Family Pet Shows. Attracting thousands of pet lovers to each show, Family Pet Shows provides a unique opportunity for TICA to extend the Association’s presence and educate the public about pedigree cats, the different breeds and how to care for them.

Family Pet Shows hosts five pet expos annually in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. TICA will host various educational events and hold TICA sanctioned cat shows at each event.

2019 Family Pet Shows include:

For more information go to https://familypetshows.com/

 WINN Logo

WINN Announces 2018 Miller Trust Grant Awards

In 2002, the George Sydney and Phyllis Redman Miller Trust designated Winn Feline Foundation as one of its advisor organizations. Since then, Winn has made annual recommendations for grant awards to the San Francisco Foundation, trustees of the Miller Trust.

Winn recommendations for 2018 total more than $132,000 and include the following:

  • Metagenomic and metabolomic analysis of the short-term and long term effects of antibiotic therapy on the intestinal microbiota in growing kittens and their relation to the overall health status of these kittens;
  • Evaluating the efficacy of novel gastroprotectants in cats;
  • Estimating the significance of a novel feline hepadnavirus in hepatitis and liver cancer;
  • Precision Medicine Genomics for Cats;
  • The effects of brachycephalic conformation on cardiopulmonary health in cats

Winn will also provide support for the following grant awards: 

  • Precision Medicine Genomics for Cats;
  • Evaluation of commercial feline diets for calcium, phosphorous and the calcium to phosphorous ratio

Click here to read details about each recommended grant award 

 Regional UpdateTICA Regional Updates:

TICA Great Lakes Regional Update:

Great Lakes Regional Fundraiser Coming Soon!  Buy tickets to win a free entry to most of the 2019-2020 GL shows and a new, large black Sturdi carrier. Your first chance will be at the Maumee show in February. Thanks to all of the clubs who have donated an entry!!  If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser, please contact Liz at TICAGLRD@gmail.com

The Great Lakes Region reports, with a heavy heart, the loss of longtime Siberian and Ragdoll breeder and exhibitor Bev Metz She will be missed.
The TICA Great Lakes Region is taking donations in memory of Ann Grenier. Ann helped rescue and save countless cats. Donations can be made here.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming shows/events:

  • HCM Clinic, January 19 in Racine, Wisconsin ($110/cat) Contact Melaine at mmarkle@charter.net for an appointment. Those wishing to microchip their cat can do so at the time of their HCM screening.
  • Microchip Clinic, Jan 20 in Racine, Wisconsin (Microchips $25, registration included) No appointment needed.
  • Great Lakes Cat Consortium & Glass CiTICAts Cat Club’s International Cat Show, February 8-10 in Maumee (Toledo), Ohio. Friday: Back-to-back format, 6 Allbreed rings. 250 cat limit; Saturday/Sunday: Continuous format, 12 rings: 10 Allbreed, 2 Specialty. 500 cat limit http://toledocatshow.com/ Special Early Bird registration rates through January 20
  • Showcats Columbus in conjunction with the All American Pet Expo present All About Cats Expo, March 8-10 in Columbus, OH http://chemicoons.wixsite.com/show-info Special Early Bird registration rates through February 1.
  • Great Lakes Friends of Felines’ Hello Kitty Show, March 15 - 17 at the Arlington Heights Racetrack in Arlington Heights, IL. www.glfof.com Special Early Bird registration rates through February 9.
  • Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers, April 13-14 in Racine, Wisconsin http://www.wis-illcatfanciers.com

TICA Mid Atlantic Update:

The TICA MA Region would like to thank all of our fantastic continuing and new members. The Region is proud to report a record 400+ MA Regional members as of January 2019.

The TICA MA Region extends a big thank you to Gladys Dinunzio, Amelia and Skylar Petras for raising more than $200 in candy sales at MA Region shows.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming shows/events:

  • Don’t miss the first show from TICA MA Region’s newest club, the Black Eyed Susan Cat Club. The Kitty Classic (in conjunction with the Allentown, Pennsylvania Pet Expo), Jan. 26-27 in Allentown, PA bescatclub.org
  • NovaTICA presented along with Super Pets Expo, March 15-17 in Chantilly, VA
  • Tabby Tales Cat Club, March 23-24 in Morgantown, PA

TICA Mid Pacific Regional Update:

Mark your calendars for the upcoming show:

  • Wine Country Cat Club’s 9th Annual Wine, Cheese and Kitties Please cat show, March 24-25 at the Evalynn Bishop Hall in Lone California. www.winecountrycats.org Super Early Bird special ends January 25th.  

TICA Northeast Regional Update:

With Gratitude - The TICA Northeast Region would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our outgoing Regional Director, Donna Madison, for her dedication to our Region and many years of tireless service. Your efforts are so very much appreciated. The TICA NE Region would also like to welcome Tania Antenucci as the new Regional Director.

New Partnership - The TICA Northeast Region is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with TICA in Ontario and the Canadian Pet Expo. Three partnered shows have been secured in 2019 (April, June November). Stay tuned for more exciting details!

Two New Clubs - The TICA NE Region would like to welcome Canuck Cat Club (Ontario, Canada) and Catwalk Cat Club (Syracuse, NY) to our TICA family.

NE Regional Update –Cats Ahoy Cat Club will be graciously hosting the NE Regional this year in Windsor, CT, July 13-14.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming shows/events:

  • TICA & Meet the Breeds, February 10 at Piers 92 & 94 in NYC
  • Cats on the Beach Show, February 16-17 in Natick, MA
  • Biker Cat Club, March 2-3 in Long Island, NY
  • Nauticats Show, April 13-14 in Sherbooke, Quebec
  • Canuck Cat Club, April- 21 in Toronto, Ontario
  • Catsachussets Cat Club, April 27-28 in Boston, MA

Keep Informed: Please subscribe to our Yahoo list and official Facebook page to stay up to date with NE news.

TICA Northwest Regional Update:

Mark your calendars for these upcoming shows/events:

TICA South Central Regional Update:

Two New Clubs - TICA South Central Region would like to welcome the Garden of the Cats Cat Club (Colorado Springs, CO) and Kansas City Cat Club (Kansas City, KS) to our TICA family. Garden of the Cats Cat Club will hold their first show in March, while Kansas City Cat Club will hold their first show in May. See show listings below for details.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming shows/events:

  • Gulf Coast Feline Foundation, January 26-27 in Deer Park, TX
  • Econo Cat Club, February 2-3 in Brighton, CO
  • TIFS, February 1-3 in Corpus Christi, TX
  • TICA de Mexico, February 23-24 in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Garden of the Cats Cat Club, March 23-24 in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Mission City Cat Club, April 6-7 in Seguin, TX
  • Feline Paw Foundation, April 13-14 in Mesquite, TX

TICA Southwest Regional Update:

Mark your calendars for these upcoming shows/events:

  • Socal Exotica, Jan 19 – 20 in Arcadia, CA
  • San Gabriel Valley Cat Fanciers, February 16 – 17 in Arcadia, CA
  • Katknappers Cat Club, April 26, 27 & 28 at the Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, CA 

The Southwest Region's website is located at www.ticasw.com. If you would like to be listed in the “Members” section, please send your information to Canie Brooks @ canie.brooks@gmail.com.

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