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The new TFMS platform will help TICA clients work more efficiently and accurately by moving to a modern platform that allows TICA to respond to customer needs and reduce turnaround times. Read a recent update from TICA President Vicki Jo Harrison.

Can I use PayPal instead of the TFMS Shopping Cart?

A. The TICA Shopping Cart was created in TFMS to allow customers to add items to their cart and checkout instantly with a single transaction, eliminating the need for TICA’s Executive Office (EO) to match payments to work request. Payments made directly to PayPal, rather than going through the TFMS shopping cart, creates additional work for the EO and increases the time it takes to process your request.

Can I use a shared email address with someone?

A. TICA has noticed several instances in TFMS where two or more people share the same email address. This causes and issue where people can see cats that belong to someone else using the same email address. To alleviate this issue, please be sure to establish individual accounts and email addresses.

What’s changing?

A. The biggest change is that TDS will be turned off and the NEW TICA Feline Management System (TFMS) will be turned on.

B. The Ticketing System will also be shut down and the EO will no longer accept emails sent to, all new request for service will be streamlined in TFMS.

When will this change take place?

TDS will be turned off September 10, 2021, and on September 14, 2021, the new TFMS will be turned on. While we don’t anticipate this date changing, you can check back on this page should a change of date be necessary. During those 4 days we will be moving the data from TDS to TFMS and will not be accepting new service requests.

How will I submit service requests?

A. This is another big change, and all other emails connected to the current ticketing system will be deactivated. The new system has a built-in service request system and all new service requests can be entered there.

What will happen to the tickets I already submitted?

A. For tickets that have an invoice attached to them and rush service tickets you don’t need to do anything, we are working on those as fast as we can.

B. For all other tickets you will receive an email with instructions on how to enter those into TFMS. By doing so, it helps to greatly reduce your wait time.

What are some of the new features I can expect?

A. You can now make changes to your profile without going through the executive office. You can update your name, address, phone, number, and email.
B. As previously mentioned, the new system has a built-in service request component, so you can request service directly without going to another ticketing system.
C. Many services have been turned to self-service and can be fulfilled instantaneously. Cattery Registration and Title Purchases are two great examples
D. Automated reminders have been built into the system, to help remind you of important dates and renewals.

Will the new system finally have a shopping cart?

A. Yes! In the new system, you can shop to your heart's content and checkout with a single transaction.

Will all my records currently in TDS be available on the new platform?

A. Yes! you will still have a current list of your cats, titles, registrations, and all other items you would expect from TDS.

Will there be more languages available in addition to English?

A. Yes! TICA is expanding the new platform to include multiple languages to better connect and meet the needs of worldwide users.

How can I upgrade my case with rush service?

A. At the top of each case in the upper right-hand corner is a green button that will allow you to upgrade your case to rush service.

We have added the ability to upgrade any case that is submitted to rush service. A green button in the upper right-hand corner of the case screen has been added to upgrade your case to rush service.  This resulted from client requests not being able to submit a litter registration with Rush Service or upgrade it afterward.

As with any new implementation, there will likely be some early bugs that will need to be addressed. Please be patient as we work through the initial implementation of our new modern system, it will be worth the wait! Welcome to TFMS.

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