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2020 Elections
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Election to be held in October 2020. The filing period is June 1st, 2020 through July 31st, 2020. The person filing must have been a consecutive member in good standing as of or prior to May 1st, 2018 and also must pay their membership dues through May 1st, 2024.

Click here to file as a candidate for President, Vice-President, or Breed Committee Member

Click here to get some information about requirements for voting, requirements to be a candidate, how to vote, and some pointers on which candidate to vote for.


2020 Voting Ballot

President: Vicki Jo Harrison, Jamie Christian
Vice President:
Ralph Stadter

Breed Committees:
Abyssinian Breed Group (AB/SO): Kerry Dolan, Carlos Lopez, Brenda Russo
American Shorthair Breed Group (AS/AW): Richard Hoskinson, Robin Higgins
Australian Mist (AUM): Kay Hanvey
Bengal Breed Group (BG/BGL):  Jessica Petras, Canie Brooks
Birman: Charlotte Shea
British Breed Group (BS/BL): Jesub Byun, Renae Silver, Pamela Barrett, Monika Dany, Anita Wall
Devon Rex (DR): Marion Yates Schiff
Havana (HB): Jonna Inman
Household Pet: Vanadis Crawford, Tanya Walbrun, Kenneth Kershaw
Japanese Bobtail Breed Group (JB/JBL):
Vanadis Crawford, Tanya Walbrun
Lykoi (LY): Marion Yates Schiff
Manx Breed Group (MX/CY): 
Shari Millar
Maine Coon Breed Group (MC/MCP):
Teri Matzkin, Liz Hansen Brown, Sharon Stegall
Munchkin Breed Group (MK/MKL): Sherri McConnell, Samantha McConnell, Terri Harris
Minuet Breed Group (MNT/MNL): Sherri McConnell, Samantha McConnell, Catherine Rudy, Terri Harris
Ocicat:  Robin Madigan
Persian Breed Group (PS/HI/ES): Jane Allen, Jorge Garnica
Ragdoll: Amy Stadter, Jayne Harman, David Nudleman, Mary Riddell, Christine Lupo, Alexandra Marinets, Dana Pendergraph, Mindy Ferreira
Russian Blue: Dmitry Gembitsky
Scottish Breed Group (SF/SFL/SCS/SCL): 
Cheryl Hogan, Stephanie Smith
Selkirk Rex: Suzanne Bouchard
Siamese Breed Group (SI/BA/OS/OL):  Heather Lorimer, Toni Jones, Vicki Jo Harrison, Tania Antenucci, Kenneth Kershaw
Siberian (SB): Angela Ng, Alexandra Behne
Singapura: Catherine Bourreau
Sphynx:  Alessio Pasquini, Shauntay Burris, Marion Yates Schiff
Tonkinese: Vanadis Crawford
Turkish Angora: Christine Masser
Turkish Van: Catherine Claucherty, Erica Tadajewski

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