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Show Reports

At the end of a show, the results for the show are sent to volunteers who compile a "show report" which shows the results of all finals of that show. This is only preliminary information (sometimes show reports contain errors which are then corrected by the judge; sometimes the number of cats competing in each ring is a little "off").

Our wonderful volunteer David Thomas has created a program which allows for easy compilation and upload of these reports. We are forever grateful for his many efforts over the years!

Link to show reports

Estimated Standings

The Estimated Standings use the information contained in the Show Reports to create a ranking of cats which competed in any TICA show worldwide. The Estimated Standings are compiled separately for each show season (01 May to 30 April of the following calendar year). Since the information in the Show Reports are not verified and checked in each and every detail, these standings are not 100% reliable.

Link to estimated standings

Official Standings

The Official Standings are a ranking of the competing cats based on the final information for all TICA shows worldwide. These standings contain all corrections which may have been made since the closing of the show and also contain the verified counts for each ring. Small differences between the Estimated Standings and the Official Standings are to be expected (due to the possibly differing counts). Also, the Official Standings are not nearly as up-to-date as the Estimated Standings. Results are only included for "Shows which have been scored" (link to the respective document / list / PDF). If you compare the Estimated and Official Standings, there is a significant difference in the number of points and all of the shows your cat attended have been scored, you should check the information of your cat in the catalog of that show. Maybe there was a mistake in the registration number or name of your cat in the master catalog (link to "Are You Missing Points").

Link to official standings

Standings Archive

Link to standings archive


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