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Please be aware there are a number of pet sales scam operations. Frequently these companies or individuals will not reveal a physical address or even the names of the individuals other than a website and business name and will request large payments upfront for kittens. It is highly suggested that you do adequate research about the catteries and individuals prior to sending money. TICA strongly recommends that transactions with breeders be undertaken with the same caution and due diligence as one would devote to any important business matter.

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Charming Scottish Kittens in Brooklyn, NY (SILVERSHINE)


We are a home-based Scottish kitten cattery located in Brooklyn, NY. Our kittens are raised in excellent loving conditions. All our kittens have great personalities, very friendly, gentle, and intelligent. They are sweet and charming, with silky fur and large rounded eyes. Kittens eat solid food and litter box trained.
The kitty comes with a health guarantee, vet health certificate, registration papers and shots.

Please visit our website www.scottishkittens.com 

First Name: SVETLANA
City: Brooklyn

exp 12/4/2020

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Charming Scottish Kittens in Brooklyn, NY (SILVERSHINE)

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