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We are back in the office again! You can reach us via telephone during regular business hours.

The Executive Office is currently processing requests received during the week of Sept 4, 2020.


Cat Colors & UCD

Color Genetics are a wide and interesting field. Below are several documents to help you in this general context.

You may want to start with "What Color Is My Cat". It is a good starting point if you want to learn what different colors and patterns may look like based on pictures.

If you want a complete picture of the theory behind the genetics and descriptions of colors accepted by TICA, the Uniform Color Descriptions & Glossary of Terms is a very detailed publication. The other documents listed below are little helpers for specific contexts (e.g. "Color Me Red" is a short explanation under which circumstances a cat may be completely or partially red).

32 Division Show Order Color List
Basic Color Genetics Seminar - Slide Show Presentation
Sepia, Mink, Pointed Breeding Guide
Simplified Color Chart for Sepia/Mink/Pointed Categories
Simplified Color Chart for Traditional Category
Uniform Color Descriptions & Glossary of Terms

Version C 05-25-20

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