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Newsletter Vol.114: November 2019

From the President's Desk: A Message from TICA President Vickie Fisher

VickieFisherWelcome TICA friends to our November newsletter!

Today, TICA membership is made up of more than 7,000 cat lovers, just like you, in 104 different countries. While we all speak the language of cat lover, we had the special honor in September of recognizing last year’s most outstanding members and felines during our 2019 TICA Annual Award in Las Vegas, Nevada. I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our special honorees.

  • The TICA Hall of Fame inducted David Thomas to join the ranks of our other most notable members.
  • TICA Judge of the Year, voted on by TICA membership, was awarded to Motoko Oizumi.
  • The Brandy Award, in loving memory of Robert M. Unangst, was given to the Best Shorthair Cat of the Year, IW BW SGC Purrsia Pardonne Moi, Black MP, B: Roby/Susanna Shon, O: Susanna/Steve Shon.
  • The Sue Pannell Memorial Award, presented in remembrance of TICA Charter Lifetime Member Sue Pannell, was given to the Best Himalayan of the Year, IW BW SGC Gilvtales Sir Fuzzy Butt, Red Point, SE, B/O: Lauren Brenna/Scott Gilvey, S: Fate Mays.
  • The Gobble Award was given to the Best Lykoi of the Year, BW Naomi Campbell De La Vallee Des/LO, BlackRoan, EN, B: Christina Boulanger, O: M Kolodziej/M Ciszewska.
  • The Jess Leutze Award was given to the Best Siamese of the Year, RW BW SGC Minghou Paintedlady of Karissimakat, Seal Point/White, GL, B/O: Debbie Loopeman/Pat Muise

Check out our 2019 Best of Breed winners here. A big thank you to Jazzy Cats and the Mid Pacific Region for all their hard work in hosting a spectacular event.

Thank you for sharing your fabulous felines and helping us create the fun and friendships that make TICA unique!



 In This Issue

TICA Partners with Nestlé Purina Behavior and WelfareTICA Honors 2019 Junior ExhibitorsTICA Recognizes ThirstyCat Fountains with Endorsement of Excellence AwardTICA Welcomes Two New Clubs into Our FamilyTICA Announces New Contest to Win Motel 6 Gift CertificatesTICA Joins Forces with Dr. Elsey’s and Sturdi in Special SeaCats Adoption EventWinn December Update | TICA Regional Updates 


TICACatLogoBlueWReg text Curved

TICA Partners with Nestlé Purina Behavior and Welfare

TICA welcomes Nestlé Purina Behavior and Welfare to our family of fabulous felines, fun and friendship.

The Behavior and Welfare division of Nestlé Purina is responsible for developing and implementing cat and dog well-being, enrichment and socialization programs. They investigate pet well-being and emotions by using innovative, non-invasive, state-of-the-art scientific methodologies and techniques to help people understand pet behavior, pet welfare, human-animal interactions, and develop animal behavior-based products and services.


Blood Pressure

TICA Honors 2019 Junior Exhibitors

TICA’s Junior Exhibitors are tomorrow's leaders. As future fanciers, breeders and potentially judges, they will shape the future of TICA and the cat fancy.

In September TICA recognized the following Juniors who graduated the program during our 2019 TICA Annual Award in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Europe West Region – Josiah Chisnall, Katie Dono, Lee Dono, Destiny Saunders; Great Lakes Region - Sophia Hudee, Macee Lamberth, Landin Lamberth, Maddie Mohr, Kaylee Poe

Mid Atlantic Region – Cassidy Adams, Addison Adams, Brendan Curtis, Sofia Fernandaz, Amelia Petras, Skylar Petras, Evie Silver

Mid Pacific Region – Bella Prince, Hunter Prince, Morgan Prince, Noah Prince

South America Region – Maria Luz Carnelli, Zahara Spigardi Ferreyra, Mercedes Muñoz Toriggia, Guadalupe Villanueva

Northwest Region – Sam Chapman, Jana Clee, John Haslett, Makenzie Mase, Amelia Parkinson, Bennett Parkinson, Siimone Romey, Maren Santiago, Alicia Sierra, Cameron Wolfe

South Central Region – Emma Albright, Cadey Bowers, Abigale Delaisse, James Delaisse, Aurora Dunnan, Harold Edmonds, Kash Edmonds, Lynda-Kay Edmonds, Megan Jones, Sophia Jones, Lillian McEachern, Krista Sipes, Cambree Stevenson, Cayleigh Stevenson, Chase Stevenson, Grace Thackery, Tayton Tracy, Cael Warren

Southeast Region – Olivia Hardin

Through TICA’s Junior Exhibitor program, kids see that their own hard work and practice can make a difference as they learn about various cat breeds and how to properly care for a cat while earning awards and completing levels.

To get involved or learn more about TICA’s Junior Program please contact the TICA Regional Junior Exhibitor liaison in your area. For a list of contacts please go to www.tica.org/cat-lovers/junior-exhibitors.


ThirstyCat Fountains Endorsement of Excellence

TICA Recognizes ThirstyCat Fountains with Endorsement of Excellence Award

Recognized for their commitment to providing a safe and healthy way for cats to drink the water needed for their well-being, TICA bestows its newest Endorsement of Excellence Award to ThirstyCat Fountains.

Drinking a healthy amount of water is vital to a cat’s well-being however, as most pet owners know, getting a cat to drink out of their water bowl can be quite challenging. Cats are attracted to moving water due to their natural instincts. In the wild, stagnant water means bacteria. As a result, cats tend to love running faucets.

Thirstycat Fountains provide a safe solution to getting felines to drink water. Their fountains are the only handmade ceramic glazed drinking fountains in the world and come in a variety of styles to match your cat’s temperament and physical characteristics. For more information on ThirstyCat Fountains and their products, visit them online at www.thirstycatfountains.com.


TICA Welcomes Two New Clubs into Our Family

TICA continues to grow with the addition of two new clubs to our growing family. Please help us welcome the Sunshine Cat Club (Shanghai, China) joining our Asia West Region and Cats SPB (Saint Petersburg, Russia) joining our Europe North Region.


m6 301 exterior1

TICA Announces New Contest to Win Motel 6 Gift Certificates

To celebrate TICA’s longstanding relationship with Motel 6, we are giving away six VIP free room passes.

To enter, go to TICA’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheInternationalCatAssociation/?ref=bookmarks and tell us how you make your cat feel at home while traveling. Winners will be announced in the January 2020 TICA newsletter.

Gift certificates are valid for one night room, including tax, in the U.S. only. Certificates must be presented at time of check-in and expire one year from date issued. Rooms are subject to availability and advanced reservations are required.


SeaCats Adoption Event 2019

TICA Joins Forces with Dr. Elsey’s and Sturdi in Special SeaCats Adoption Event

Last month, TICA along with the Seattle Humane Society and 15 other shelters participated in a special adoption event during the SeaCats cat show at Sea Meows Cat Convention Center in Seattle, WA.

TICA, with the help of Dr. Elsey’s and Sturdi, created adoption packages, including 20 small cube carriers donated by Sturdi for the first 20 adoptions.

TICA also contributed a Feline Agility course and Jenn Hardin as Ringmaster. Hardin was able to promote the adoptable cats/kittens during the agility event and as a result more than 17 cat adoptions were secured during the event with many more applications to be submitted the following week.



Winn December Update

Winn Feline Foundation 2020 Call for Grant Proposals – Winn’s 2020 Call for Grant Proposals is out. Click here for more information. Deadline is December 9th, 2019. Reviews will begin mid-March.

Winn Feline Foundation FIP Symposium: PURRsuing FIP and WINNing an interactive presentation and panel discussion concerning topics and updates on FIP will be held November 16-17, 2019 at UC Davis. The event is sponsored by TICA and Dr. Elsey’s Cat Products and will include an outstanding lineup of experts from around the world. Registration is now open. Click here for more information.

Winn's Feline Kidney Disease Campaign - Cat lovers around the world recognize that chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common occurrence in our senior cat population. (CKD) is the most common condition associated with feline hypertension.

Hypertension is a serious health issue for cats. Potential damage occurs to the kidneys, eyes, heart and brain in cats similar to conditions found in people with uncontrolled high blood pressure. Untreated, the condition could be fatal. However, with timely detection from routine monitoring of blood pressure, most treatment plans are successful.

You can help improve cats' lives today by donating to Winn's Feline Kidney Disease Campaign with a focus on hypertension. Through this campaign, Winn will increase awareness of regular monitoring and management of hypertension. Raising funds for further research will lead to a more hopeful future for all cats. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000 which will make a difference. Click here to donate. www.cures4cats.org



TICA Regional Updates

Regional Update

Click here to read updates on the following TICA Regions:

TICA Europe North Regional Update

EN Regional Banquet - On Saturday November 9 the TICA EN Region held their regional banquet and celebrated the Regional Winners of 2018/2019 and one of the Best Cats of the Year which came from Europe North: Ragdoll Allweneedis Quality Time (breeder Annouk Fennis, owner Amy Stadter).

EN Region Special Award Recipients of the Year:

  • Show of the Year: The Regional show in November 2018 hosted by CatsandTulips
  • Clerk of the Year: Desiree Alderliesten
  • Member of the Year: Sabine Huebner, for always being helpful and friendly, adding her experience to help both exhibitors and other clubs, and love for helping out. In short, for being the good soul of the TICA EN Region.
  • Award of Honor: Agata Kurszona-Zawadzki, for stepping in as Interim Regional Director from May 2018 - December 2018.
  • Award of Honor: Chemicoons Theos Belgian Pride Jase for being the first therapy cat in Europe North.

TICA Great Lakes Regional Update:

2019 GL Regional Show Recap - The TICA GL Region would like to thank those that came to Dayton, Ohio, to celebrate our 2018-2019 Great Lakes winners! What a weekend, it was filled with fabulous felines, fun & friendships. A huge Thank You to the hosting club, Glass ciTICAts, for the wonderful event. All shows take blood, sweat and tears, but a regional takes even more than that. Thank You All! Click here to view candid photos from the banquet and click here to view formal images from the banquet

GL Special Award Recipients of the Year:

  • Piggy of the Year (to the persons earning the most Top 25, Best of Breed and Best of Color awards): Heather Lorimer
  • Who You Should Know: Mark Schuster
  • Show of the Year: Showcats: Columbus 2018 GL Regional
  • Clerk of the Year: Dawn Faust
  • Judge of the Year: Nikki Crandall-Seibert
  • Member of the Year: Chris Unangst

Thank You! The GL Region would like to thank all who entered cats in GL shows and supported the region through entries, sponsorships, and overall support. A big thank you also to the clubs who donate the $1/entry throughout the season to support GL awards and award sponsors.

Fundraising Thanks - Thank you to those that bought raffle tickets and to all the clubs who donated an entry to their 2019-2020 show and to Sturdi for donating the carrier for our fundraiser. The GL Region raised over $1000 this year! Buckeye Ohio Rollers Cat Club, Cats Rule Cat Club, Glass ciTICAts, Great Lakes Friends of Felines, Prairie State Cat Club, Showcats: Columbus and Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers.

Banquet and Regional Thank You’s - A big Thank You goes out to the following: Wayne Pedersen for organizing the banquet, Pat Muise and Chris Unangst for the banquet decorations, Chris Unangst for her (as always) amazing work on our awards presentation, our TICA Yearbook and for her tireless work to get all of our awards (plaques, trophies and rosettes) sponsored, Donna Maddox whom we have to thank for the beautiful awards program booklet at the banquet, Rick Hoskinson for his help with the awards set-up (and everything else he does), GL awards presenters......Debbie Lopeman, Nikki Crandall-Seibert, Vanadis Crawford, Chris Unangst, Angela Ng, Katy Kinowski, Barb Martinec, Dawn Faust, Heather Lorimer, Heather Pedersen, Mary Reiss, and Jamie Christian and Rick Hoskinson and Tatiana Kalani for assisting with the presentation of awards to the recipients.

More Thank You’s - Thanks to our beloved Regional treasurer, Dewane Barnes, our Regional webmaster, Kelli Hallifax, our amazingly speedy and accurate show reporter, Cory Crandall-Seibert, GL Regional Committee Chairs: Kim Chenault, Angela Ng, Rick Hoskinson, Nikki Crandall-Seibert, Nichole Kelland and Heather Pedersen, Larry Johnson for being our amazing show and banquet photographer, and Lori Dominick and Mary Reiss for helping with anything I ever need to get things done for the region. *If I have missed anyone, I am so sorry. As you can see, it truly takes a village and the Great Lakes region has the best group of people in TICA. As Regional Director, I am so very proud to be your RD and call you my friends.

Spotlight on TICA GL Member: Chris Unangst - This year’s TICA Great Lakes member of the year is Chris Unangst. Chris has been TICA member for many years (more than two-thirds of her life). Over those years, she has been a member of four different TICA regions. She has bred different breeds, rescued cats in need, and shown in our five main competitive classes achieving international wins in all of them.

Chris works tirelessly both publicly and behind the scenes. She has helped numerous clubs host successful shows. She has worked diligently as clerk, master clerk, entry clerk, and show manager. And yes, she also serves as one of our esteemed Allbreed judges.
 If that wasn't enough, she and Vanadis Crawford work to create the beautiful PowerPoint presentation of winners at the awards banquets, both Regionally and or Internationally. Chris is our talented TICA Yearbook editor. She also worked round the clock this summer to secure sponsorships for all the Great Lakes awards (rosettes, plaques and trophies). This is no small task, but as you can see, Chris dedicates herself to our amazing region and TICA as a whole.

As Regional Director it was my sincere pleasure to present this year’s award of TICA Great Lakes member of the year to Chris Unangst.

Mark your calendar for the following shows/events:

  • Prairie State Cat Club, November 16-17 in Franklin Park, IL
  • Showcats, March 13-15 in Columbus in Columbus, OH
  • Great Lakes Friends of Felines, March 20-22 in Arlington Heights, IL
  • Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers, April 25-26 in Racine, WI

Moving from Yahoogroups to Groups.io - With the closing of Yahoogroups, the GL Region has created a regional group on Groups.io. You can join by creating an account on groups.io, searching for TICA Great Lakes and then requesting to join or by sending an email to: TICAGreatLakes+subscribe@groups.io

TICA Mid Atlantic Regional Update:

Your Vote Counts! The TICA MA Region wants to remind all of their members to vote for a new Regional Director - Brenda Russo or Cheryl Chamberlin by Nov. 11, 2019. Good luck to the Region and both candidates.

Thank You! The TICA MA Region would like to thank all their members and extend a special appreciation to Deputy Regional Directors; Brenda Russo, Cheryl Chamberlin, Gladys Dinunzio, Megan Gallaher, and Sandi McAllister and MA Treasurer Lisa Dickie.

2020 TICA Annual is coming, More information and details will be coming soon. 

Mark your calendar for the following shows/events:

  • Philadelphia Tea Party, December 7-8 in Lebanon, PA
  • Central Jersey, January 3-5 in Parsippany, NJ & Oaks, PA
  • Black Eyed Susan Cat Club, January 26-27 in Allentown, PA

TICA Mid Pacific Regional Update:

Mark your calendar for the following shows/events:

Jazzy Cats is taking no breaks, after a phenomenal Annual jumping right back into it with an Allbreed cat show in Roseville California on January 3-5 2020. The event will feature 17 Allbreed rings and 1 Specialty ring. The following Early Bird special expires on Dec. 3, 2019:

Three-Day Entries:

  • 1 cat in one double cage $136
  • 2 cats in one double cage $192
  • 3 cats in two double cages $289
  • 4 cats in two double cages $344

Two-Day Entries

  • 1 cat in one double cage $118
  • 2 cats in one double cage $161
  • 3 cats in two double cages $251
  • 4 cats in two double cages $301

Please use the following link to enter your cats and kittens: https://tica.org/component/toes/shows#show1744

Wine Country Cat Club invites you to our "Wine, Cheese and Kitties Please" Allbreed cat show on March 21-22 2020 in Ione California. Enjoy our wine and cheese tasting party in the show hall while your kitties earn points! What could be better? Please use the following link to enter your cats and kittens:

TICA Northeast Regional Update:

Membership Report: As of October 2019, the NE region is a proud home to 699 members! Thank you to all Northeast members for their continued support.

AKC's 2020 "Meet the Breeds" Event to be Hosted in the NE Region: Who wants to enjoy a few days away in New York City with some friends and felines? TICA will be participating in AKC's annual "Meet the Breeds" event on January 25th and 26th, 2020 and is in need of Breed Ambassadors. The event will be hosted in the newly renovated Javits Convention Center and is a wonderful opportunity to educate the public, liaise with colleagues and promote TICA as a leading feline advocacy body. Please refer to the TICA NE Facebook page, or contact Tania Antenucci, NE Regional Director, for more information on how you can participate.

Happy Holidays!: Meow-y Christmas to all Northeast members! Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. Peace and joy to all!

Mark your calendars for the remaining 2019 Northeast shows:

  • Clawsome Cats, November 16-17 in Seekonk, MA
  • Canuck Cat Club, November 23-24 in Mississauga, Ontario

NE "Holiday" Spotlight: Northeast Regional Clubs Past & Present
As 2019 draws to a close, the NE November "Holiday" Spotlight honors all Northeast Regional Clubs, both past and present, for their unwavering commitment, contribution and passion to bringing shows for members to enjoy across the region. Your monumental efforts are very much appreciated and the Northeast Region thanks you for your dedication to celebrating felines, fun and friendships at every event. A special shout out to all NE clubs hosting shows this past year:

  • Canuck Cat Club
  • Cats Ahoy Cat Club
  • Cats on the Beach
  • Catsachusetts
  • Clawsome Cats
  • Nauticats

TICA Northwest Regional Update:

Mark your calendar for the following shows/events:

  • And A Mouse CC, November 13 – 15 in Chehalis, Washington
  • The New Culture Club, January 25 - 26, 2020 in Portland, Oregon
  • The Evergreen Cat Fanciers, February 8 – 9, 2020 in Ferndale, Washington

TICA South America Regional Update:


The TICA SA Region is excited to announce a 2-days Clerking School in Portuguese, conducted by Judge Virginia Lopes Araujo, held November 16-17, 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

After a long hiatus, the TICA SA Region will once again hold a show in Rio. The clerking school will serve as a training program to prepare for next year’s show. The School will review the TICA system, Cat Colors, and Ring Procedures.

TICA South Central Regional Update:

Mark your calendar for the following shows/events:

  • Thunderkatz, November 23-24 in Stillwater, OK
  • Turkish Van Connection, December 14-15 in Waxahachie, TX

Happy Holidays! As 2019 comes to a close, the TICA SC Region would like to wish everyone in the US a Happy Thanksgiving and all of South Central a safe and blessed holiday season.


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