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Frequently Asked Question - How are cats judged?

How are cats judged?

There are several classifications that cats are judged in. They include Championship cats, kittens and alters. There are also classes for Household Pets, Household Pet kittens and the newly developing breeds. Each cat or kitten is judged by their breed standard. This is a written standard of perfection for that particular breed. You can see each breed's standard on its individual breed. There are specialty rings and allbreed rings. Specialty rings will have only longhair cats judged together and the shorthair cats judged with only shorthair cats. An allbreed ring will have shorthair and longhair cats judged together and against one another. In either type ring, after the best of breed is selected, the judge will call a final which has the top ten cats, kittens or alters vying for the Best in their classification. You can learn more about judging by downloading the Spectators Guide.

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