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Frequently Asked Question - How do I change the name of my cat?

How do I change the name of my cat?

The TICA Registration Rules state:
"39.4 The names of cats may not be changed in any manner after they have been registered, except:

  • 39.4.1 The correction of clerical errors in the recorder's office.
  • 39.4.2 The addition of a cattery name as provided in ARTICLE EIGHT, 38.7, 38.8, and 38.10.
  • 39.4.3 To re-register as Household Pets, TICA registered championship class cats may be registered pursuant to Show Rule 23.7.2.
  • 39.4.4 A name change may be requested provided the Executive Office receives the request for a name change within 45 days (60 days in remote areas) from the date of issue of the initial Registration Certificate and the request is accompanied by the original Registration Certificate and the designated fee, which fee shall be determined by the Board of Directors. The name change will be approved only if there has been no previous transaction recorded for the cat by the Executive Office (i.e., show wins, lease agreement, or any transaction processed in the original name of the cat)." The fee is $50.

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