Knowledge Base - How do I add my club?

  1. Make sure that everyone who is supposed to be a "Club Official" has an account on "Club Officials" can add shows to the Show Calendar.
    If they had an account on TOES, this account will have been copied. If they didn't, they can sign up via this link.
  2. Create a ticket with the subject "Add club <club name>" using this link.
  3. You need to please provide the following information in the ticket (suggestion: just copy & paste the list below and then fill in the information in the ticket):
    1. Club Name
    2. Club Abbreviation
    3. Club Email Address
    4. PayPal address which exhibitors should use for paying their entry fees (optional). 
    5. Bank account holder/IBAN information if your club wants to accept SEPA payments for entries (optional).
    6. TICA Region
    7. Usernames of all club officials who are supposed to be able to to add / edit show information.
  4. That's all :)


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