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Knowledge Base - I want to find out what shows are coming up and add an entry or placeholder to a show

  1. Log in - if you aren't logged in you cannot enter a show or see which shows you have already entered.
  2. Choose menu path My TICA >> Show Calendar

You will see the show calendar similar to what you saw in TOES in the past. As long as you are logged in you will be able to enter shows as you have done before.

Not all shows will allow entering of cats directly from tica.org. For such shows you will find the following information under Show Comments:

This show is not using TOES to accept entries. Please contact the entry clerk, or check the flyer, in order to find out where/how to enter your cats for this show.

For such shows you will typically want to keep scrolling and click on the link for the Show Flyer.

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