Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Time to Celebrate!

Can you believe that our Annual Awards Banquet is just a few short weeks away?

I can honestly say time has sped by, but I'm so excited to see each and every one of you at our banquet when we celebrate our International winners for 2008-2009! I'm sure you've all glanced at the final standings for that season, and have a pretty good idea who the winners are. But, if you've never been to an Annual awards banquet --or hey, if you've been to many award banquets-the excitement is electrifying as we present the awards for Best Cat, Best Kitten, Best Alter, Best Household Pet Kitten and Best Household Pet.

TICA Annual What's even more exciting is that not only do I get to preside over the Awards ceremony as TICA's newly elected President but I have the honor of doing so at one of our pivotal awards banquets as we celebrate TICA's 30th anniversary!

Okay, I won't forget where it's held this year: in the beautiful and fun-filled city of Orlando, Florida. Not only can you come to have your cat honored at the Awards Banquet, and have your cats judged at our twelve-ring show held that weekend, but you can take a little time to have fun at Disney World, Epcot Center and Universal Studios.

I hope you can make it. Airlines are offering great rates and since it's the end of the summer season, hotels are lowering their rates too! Remember...September 5 and 6...Orlando, Florida.

Come. Have fun. Celebrate our winners. And help TICA usher in a new, more-exciting year and show season!

Vickie Fisher

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Join Royal Canin Crown Partners and Receive Free Gifts!

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is offering a special offer for TICA members if they join its Crown Partners program. If you join and order any Feline Nutrition PRO formula by August 31, 2009 you'll receive a free food scale and the Practical Guide to Cat Breeding. When you order use Promotion Code 123JOIN.

Royal Canin Crown Partners is a free program that provides TICA members with important information on breeding, health nutrition and more. Plus, only Crown Partners members get FREE Babycat or Kitten kits to distribute with each new litter. You must meet minimum requirements to join the program. This offer is for new Royal Crown Partners members only. Click here to become a Royal Canin Crown Partners member today.

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August 15th is the "Magic Date" for the 2008-2009 Yearbook

What's August 15th got to do with the Yearbook?

  • If you want to preorder a copy, you need to get your order submitted by August 15th.
  • If you have a winner whose picture needs to be submitted for the Yearbook, it needs to be received by August 15th.
  • If you want to advertise in the Yearbook, your ad and payment must be received by August 15th.

You can learn more by clicking here about preorders, submissions and more.

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Show Your TICA Pride!


If you haven't had a chance to shop online at the TICA Store, you'll have a chance to buy other TICA 30th anniversary merchandise -shirts, jackets, computer bags and more-at TICA's booth during the Annual Championship Cat Show. We'll also have copies of previous editions of the TICA Yearbook for sale. Make sure you visit the TICA booth EARLY because when we run out of merchandise, you'll need to order online and then wait to receive your shirt, computer bag or other merchandise.

If you can't make the Annual, remember you can always shop online 24/7.

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Many "TICA First Shows" Scheduled This Season

TICA has five new clubs that will be hosting their first shows in the next few months! Let's take a look at who is helping expand TICA's presence around the world and promoting the cat fancy...

Cotee River Cat Club - Come down to Florida and the sunshine...oh, and the cat show held August 22-23 in North Port Richey. The twelve-ring show will be judged by Becknell(AB), Higgins(AB), Savant(AB), Seliskar(AB), Manning(SP), Kempton(SP), Yow(AB), Nolen(AB), Brown(AB), Ray(AB), Seliskar(AB), and Tomlin(SP).
To learn more click here

Kool Kats Club - If you want to escape this summer's Logo sizzling heat, head up to Canada. Don't forget your kitties because they want to escape the heat too and be shown at the "Kool Kats" first show to be held in Ontario, Canada on Sept 11-13. The three-day show held at the Copps Coliseum will have 20 rings of judging. Judges include: Bright(AB), E.Hammond(AB), B.Lee(AB), S.Lee(SP), Lamoureux(AB), Lopeman(AB), Crockett(AB), Patrick(AB), Fisher(SP), Jones(AB), B.Lee(AB), Barrett(AB), Bright(AB), S.Smith(SP), M.Hammond(SP), Crockett(AB), Patrick(AB), Fisher(AB), Tullo(AB), Webb(AB).
So enter...get "kool"... click here

Cats and Sin City - What's a better place for a show cat to "show off" but in Las Vegas! While it may be "Sin City" it'll only be a sin if you don't enter Cats and Sin City's first show scheduled for Sept 19-20. The twelve-ring show will be held under the same roof as the show hotel at the Alexis Park Resort. In addition to the twelve rings of judging, there will also be Ragdoll Congresses. Judges include Tullo(AB), Barrett(AB), H.Roberts(AB), J.Roberts(AB), Chisholm(AB), Parkinson(SP), Grillo(AB), Parkinson(AB), Rhea(AB), Portelas(AB), Wiseman(AB), Vermuellen(SP).
Come to Vegas... click here

IberTICA Cat Club - Forget about the running of the bulls in Madrid! It's time for "running of the cats"! IberTICA Cat Club will host their first TICA show in Madrid, Spain on October 3-4, 2009. The twelve-ring show will be held at the Salones Ondarreta. In addition to the 10 Allbreed rings and 2 Speciality rings, there will be a Norwegian Forest Congress and a Ragdoll Congress. Invited judges include: Hisako Yamada (AB - United States), Genevieve Basquine (AB - France), Tomoko Tanaka (AB - Austria), Kurt Vlach (AB - Austria), Mary-Lise de Landtsheer (AB - Belgium), Karen Stinson (AB - United States). Entries open on August 3 and close on September 25.
For more information click here

Kudzu Cat Club - Discover some Southern hospitality at Kudzu Cat Club's first show held in Hickory, North Carolina on October 10-11. The ten-ring show will be held at the Park Inn Hickory which is also the show hotel. Scheduled judges include Higgins(AB), Barnes(AB), Ruttan(SP), Dickie(AB), S.Smith(SP), Yow(AB), Webb(AB), Ruttan(AB), M.Hammond(AB), TBA.
Put Kudzu on your calendar and click here

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TICA Takes On YouTube

Can't make it to TICA shows out of region? Well now you can watch some of the judging and finals from shows around the world on YouTube! Here are a few of the videos you want watch.

Malta Cat Club - IInd International TICA Cat Show

HHP competition at Pacific Northwest Outlaws TICA cat show in Seattle 1/17-1/18/2009

Cape Cod TICA Cat Show

If you are hosting a TICA show, ask someone to bring a handheld video camera and shoot some footage! Not only can you put them up on YouTube to help promote TICA, your club, and the cat fancy, but we will be featuring videos shot at shows around the world on our home page of TICA's web site! Once you've shot your video and loaded it on YouTube, please send the link to your video to webmaster@tica.org

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