Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Signals New Things

It's Fall and that means the holidays are just around the corner. And cold weather. Fall is when people want to focus their energies on family. But, as you know, many of us are challenged to decide which "family" to spend our holidays with! Hmmmm, Thanksgiving with our real family or our "cat family?"

Fall is also time for exciting things at TICA! First of all, it's election time. Being able to vote on issues that may affect you and to select your Region's representative to the Board of Directors are two of the unique benefits that TICA gives its members. Ballots were mailed out on October 15. If you're a voting member, then submit your vote!

Fall Secondly, our Junior Exhibitors now have a new, exciting program that will provide the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in the cat fancy as an exhibitor or future breeder.

Finally, we're continuing to grow our online resources and forms that will make it easier for exhibitors, breeders and clubs to do business with TICA.

So, Fall isn't just about hunkering down, buying gifts and eating a lot of really good food. Fall is also time to get excited about TICA.

Vickie Fisher

P.S. Oh, and don't forget to shop for those gifts at the TICA Online Store!

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Ballots Are Out

On October 15 two sets of ballots were mailed out to TICA members. One ballot asks members to pick their choice for a Regional Director to join the TICA Board. Members in the following regions will receive this ballot and participate in this election: Mid Pacific, Northeast, Northern Europe, Southeast, Western Europe and Southwest regions. Here are the candidates. You can read more about them in the TICA Trend or online.

  • Mid Pacific: Linda Kay Ashley
  • Northern Europe: Ralph Stadter
  • Southeast: Joyce Henderson, Edward Manning, Robert Seliskar, Chris Unangst,
  • Northeast: Solveig Pflueger, Francine Hicks,
  • Western Europe: Martin Wood, Raymond Wigley, Valerie Davidson,
  • Southwest: Alexandra Chisholm, Susan Levine, Jackie Rose,

The other ballot, which ALL qualified TICA members receive, will include proposals which may impact who may serve on Breed Committees, who may vote on breed issues, how TICA accepts breeds which are already in existence and approved by other registering associations, and even what exhibitors may spray inside a judging cage.

Voting is a member benefit; please take time to vote.

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International Junior Exhibitor Program


TICA's International Junior Exhibitor Program provides the opportunity for young people under the age of 18 to participate in the TICA experience and learn about feline husbandry. Participants are exposed to both competition and a continuing educational process as they work their way through Levels of Achievement. The program promotes sportsmanship and self confidence and fosters an ever-growing knowledge base of feline husbandry, breeds, grooming, and show participation and production.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Educate junior exhibitors on feline health and care
  • Mentor junior exhibitors as they build their self confidence
  • Inspire and honor Junior Exhibitors with trophies and awards as they learn about competition and good sportsmanship.
  • Grow the number of TICA Junior Members.

Click here to learn more.

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Did You Know...

That newly chartered clubs shall be exempt from license fees for their first show for a period of 1 year. (Standing Rule 1021.1.1.2) Learn more with the Club Charter Application.

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Breed Winners Up!


Congratulations to the Best Cat, Kitten and Alter for each breed. If your feline was the best for the 2008-2009 show season, then your winner is featured on its Breed Page.

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Who Is Slidder?

If you don't know the answer to this question, then you need to check out the videos that exhibitors and members have submitted for our website. Come on! You know your cats do funny things. Share your TICA show experience. Grab your video camera and then submit them for our web site. You can learn how by clicking on the link below the video player.

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Promote Your Cattery


Did you know that research shows that cats cost less for people to own than dogs? Which means more people are buying cats versus dogs that not only cost more, but require more work. If you have kittens or cats to sell, you need to advertise on TICA's web site. You can learn more about Web cattery ads and how to submit your ad.

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Online Forms Streamline Customer Service

Now you can find most forms needed as an exhibitor, breeder or club online at TICA's web site. Not only does this speed up the process, but allows you to quickly and easily find the forms that you need. Our newest forms can be used by clubs to apply for their show license. Other forms are added periodically. View Forms Online

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Online store


Shirts. Jackets. Golf shirts. And more. Oh my! Okay, it isn't the Wizard of Oz (but 2009 is time to celebrate the movie's anniversary!) but you can still discover many beautiful and fun things at the TICA Online Store. Remember: the holidays are around the corner, so everyone would love a little "TICA something"!

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We've Got A Question for You!


Each month we're going to ask a question and then next month you'll find out the results of the previous month's survey. This month's question is:

What is your favorite video on the TICA Homepage?

Vote Now!

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