Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bigger and Better Things in 2010!

New Year Well, we've all rung in the New Year, and 2010 promises to be a year full of bigger and better things for TICA around the world.

2009 ended with a record number of cat registrations! As you can see below, TICA continues to grow in number of registrations despite hard economic times.

During 2009 we also saw 23 new clubs formed around the world - from Argentina and Belgium, to Malaysia and Spain. And we had 470 shows held in almost every country possible.

Oh, and it's time to announce the top three favorite breeds based on registrations. Want to take a guess? Well, you can find out by reading more below.

There's so much going on to build TICA's global presence, provide enhanced services for our members and non-members alike, and get TICA out in front of the public through the Internet, at cat shows and other events.

So...HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family from all of us at TICA. Stay purr-ingly positive as we all get through tough times.

Vickie Fisher

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TICA Closes 2009 On An Upbeat Note

BL Cat Despite a hard economy, at the end of 2009, TICA had registered 22,015 cats and 13,232 litters.

On top of that, TICA also accepted the British Longhair for championship competition!

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Bengal is the most popular breed for 2009

BG Cat After steady registrations of cats and litters, the Bengal was crowned TICA's most popular cat during 2009 with 6,264 cats and 4,489 litters registered. Coming in second was the Ragdoll with 3,829 cats and 2,974 litters registered, while in third place the Maine Coon had 2,088 cats and 785 litters registered.

Rounding out the Top Ten most popular breeds were:

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TICA Website Under Translation

flags Next time you visit our website, you'll see "Google Translate" up at the top of the site. You can click on it, and pull down the menu. Select the country you'd like to have the website translated for. While this won't translate any attached documents, it will translate the copy on a webpage.

We also have uploaded several documents in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

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US Pet Industry Ended 2009 With Increased Sales

In the U.S. Market for Pet Supplies and Pet Care Products, 7th Edition, MarketResearch.com reports that the worst of the recession is behind us and true to the pet industry's' "Recession-resistant' claim, sales rose 5 percent in 2009 to reach $53 billion. Sales of veterinary services rose nearly 10 percent in 2009, followed by pet food at 5 percent, non-food supplies at 4 percent, and other pet services at 4 percent. As we enter 2010, the pet industry remains stable and full of opportunities.

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Don't Forget to Take Care of Your Cats and Kittens

Not only is a balanced diet important for your new kitten or cat, but being able to take care of them - from shots to unplanned emergencies - is important too! Royal Canin offers a variety of foods that are "purrfect" for your kitten or cat. And if you want to make sure you can afford those unplanned vet visits, check out Embrace Pet Insurance.

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TICA Goes Social (Networking)

Facebook Twitter Do you have a Facebook account? Or do you love to "tweet" on Twitter? Well, TICA has gone social (networking) and now you can follow not only what TICA is doing, but what cats from around the world, our clubs and members, are doing too! Click on our links to connect!

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We've Got A Question for You!


Each month we're going to ask a question and then next month you'll find out the results of the previous month's survey. This month we want to get to know you!

Click Here to Tell us About Yourself!

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Last month's response?

What's your cat's favorite toy? 31% said a brown bag or box! 30% voted for a teaser, 16% claimed catnip mouse, 13% chose a ball, and 11% said a scrap of paper.
Thanks for all your votes, keep them coming!

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