Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Is Full of Great Things


It's March! What's that mean? Well, the Ides of March are upon us. I'd love to say "Spring has sprung" but it seems we've all had colder (and snow-filled) months lately.

What I can say is don't forget to "show your green" on March 17th. It's St Patty's Day. But did you know that we can honestly call it "St Catty's Day"? Read more below...

March also means we're a little more than a month away from the end of the 2009-2010 show season. And kittens are being born. Ah, and dues are due!!

March is an important time for all of us, our cats, and TICA. Happy St. Patrick...or Catrick...Day. And don't forget to renew your dues!

Purr-sonally yours,
Vickie Fisher

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May 1 all Membership fees are due to the Executive Office. For the first time in TICA's history the Board found that it was time to increase our Membership dues. The Board approved an increase of member dues starting May 1, 2010.

If you pay before May 1, you may still pay the old rate. Create an account on our online system, TDS ONLINE (https://online.tica.org ), and then click on JOIN TICA!

New membership prices effective May 1, 2010
  • Regular Membership - $35
  • 5 year Regular Membership - $160
  • Family or Junior Membership - $15
  • International Membership - $40
  • 5 year International Membership - $180
  • International Family or Junior Membership - $20
To see the other rates, view our updated pricelist.

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Royal Canin's Special Offer Exclusively for TICA Members


Join Royal Canin Crown Partners and get a free bag of Royal Canin Pro Queen!

Join Royal Canin Crown Partners and purchase a 15 lb bag of Royal Canin PRO Queen before April 15, 2010 and receive your purchase price back by mail!

Royal Canin PRO Queen is formulated especially for gestating and lactating queens. This unique formula features enhanced levels of L-lysine and offers a precise solution for each stage in the reproduction cycle, from the heat period to weaning. The Royal Canin Crown Partners program is FREE and provides you with important information on breeding, health nutrition and more. Plus, only Crown Partners members get FREE Royal Canin Babycat or Kitten kits to distribute with each new litter.

Join Crown Partners Today!

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Be TICA Proud! Now it costs a lot less to show off your TICA pride. Check out the TICA Online Store. Not only can you save on our price for the best quality clothes and other logoed items, but we have new items including fleece jackets (the way the winter has been, we'll all be able to wear that for months to come!), new polo shirts, and more. Don't wait! Visit the TICA Online Store today.

P.S. and don't forget to order your regional and international winner logoed items after the end of the show season!

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Twenty Years of TICA History and Winning Cats!


Need to research bloodlines? Keeping track of past winners or want photos of cats that are in your cats' pedigree? Like to collect Yearbooks? Well, for just $10 a piece plus shipping you can order TICA Yearbooks from 1989 to 2006. That's almost 20 years of history that you can buy at a fraction of the original price if you had purchased them each year.

Yearbook 1985 is also available for $10*. Yearbooks 2007 & 2008 are selling for $40* and Yearbook 2009 costs $50*.

* plus shipping


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Move Over Saint Patrick


On March 17th, everyone loves to wear green, drink green beer and eat corned beef and cabbage in honor of St Patrick. But did you know that on March 17 that a patron saint of cats is also celebrated?

St Gertrude is the patron saint of cats. How'd she get that job? She's the patron saint of gardening and controlling rodents. So, what's the best way to control rodents? Cats of course!


Defacto, she ended up the patron saint of our feline friends. So, move over Saint Patrick. March 17th is going to be called St Catrick's Day.

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We've Got A Question for You!


Each month we're going to ask a question and then next month you'll find out the results of the previous month's survey.

What are your top 3 likes about TICA, and how would you rate them?

Vote Now!

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Last month's response?

Cat's Favorite Treat: 49% love Cat Treats, 27% like Catnip, 22% enjoy Tuna, and only 1% are pleased with Wheatgrass.
That was another great survey - thank you all who voted!

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In This Issue

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Feedback Comments

Fri 2/19/2010 12:42 PM

Topical Flea Treatments Still Under Question: There is a non-toxic flea control called - Flea Free Flower Essence by Green Hope Farm (POB 125 Meriden, Nh 03770 - 603-469-3662) I tried this last summer. I used it for my dog and cats. I never had a single flea all summer/fall. All you do is put 2-3 drops in the drinking water each day. - Pat McKissick, Kitails Siberians

Send your helpful comments to: newsletter@tica.org
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