Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Is Here!


Summer is here! No doubt about that. High temperatures. Longer days. Vacations.

Oh, and also it's time for Regional Banquets and TICA's Annual Cat Show and Banquet. What better way to plan out your summer but around our favorite time to celebrate all of our regional and international winners! If you have a winner, honor them in the 2009-2010 Yearbook and with personalized TICA wear or other products!

It's also time for us to vote for Judge of the Year. So please don't forget to submit your ballot!

I'm also proud to announce our new line of TICA-branded pet urns. Even if your cat has never been shown ... Or is an International winner...honoring your cat in a very special way with one of our custom made pet urns shows your love and respect for the fabulous feline that graced your life and touched your heart. Learn more about our pet urns below.

Summer is also time for fleas and hot weather so please don't forget to give your kitty special attention and care as needed.

Enjoy the rest of our articles about the British Longhair, and all-natural cat treats you can easily make at home.

Good luck at the "summer shows"!

Purr-sonally yours,
Vickie Fisher

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Honoring Your Beloved Cat


It's never easy to lose a beloved feline that brought joy into your life, but you can honor and memorialize your cat with a custom made carved wood and marble pet urn. Created by The International Cat Association and Heavenly Designs, the one-of-a-kind urn pays homage to your cat.

The elegant TICA pet urn designed exclusively for TICA exhibitors and breeders is handmade from solid wood with carved wood adornments and the licensed TICA logo. You can personalize the urn with your cat's name, title and/or awards and lifespan dates, plus your favorite photograph that will be affixed on the black granite top. The urns are constructed from American Red Oak, and are available in three stains - light, medium and dark.

To learn how to order your custom made TICA pet urn, visit TICA Order Page.

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Meet the British Longhair


The newest breed to be eligible to compete for championship titles in TICA is the British Longhair. The breed was accepted earlier this year.

The British Longhair has the same characteristics of the British Shorthair but its dense coat stands out from the body emphasizing the cat's imposing lines. The British Longhair is seen in most colors, and has large, round eyes ranging from deep gold through copper set deep in a smiling face.

To learn more click here.

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Royal Canin's Nutrition 101

Man first became aware of the cat for its hunting talent. Originally serving the utilitarian role of ridding rats, the cat charmed its way into domestication. Historians believe Image cats began living side-by-side with humans as early as 4000 B.C.

Since then, feline nutrition has come a long way. From mice to brown rice, nutrition has evolved from life-sustaining to life-enhancing. And Royal Canin has been at the forefront every step of the way.

To learn about the four objectives of proper nutrition click here.

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Savory Homemade Natural Treats


Yum...or should I say "Puuuuurrrrr". Everyone loves a good treat! Especially homemade treats with lots of love wrapped up in them. Here are a few that will get kitty puuurrrring up a storm!

Click here to get three naturally yummy cat treats!

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Ever Wonder...


Are Cats Left Pawed or Right Pawed?
If your cat is female, most likely she'll be left pawed. And your boy...well, he'll be a rightie. Yes, that's been proven after Deborah Wells, a senior lecturer at Queen's University Belfast School of Psychology, and co-author Sarah Millsopp examined the paw use of 42 domestic cats last year. Each cat repeatedly completed three play-like tasks while at home with their owners.

To read more about lefties and righties, click here.

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TICA Store


If you've procrastinated about ordering your TICA logo wear with your regional or international winner's name and title, you still have time to do it! If you order embroidered items, it can ship out in 3 business days.

Visit our online store so you can order today in time for your regional awards banquet...and hopefully we'll see you at the Annual Awards Banquet too!

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Share Your Opinion!


It's always fun finding out what TICA members and exhibitors and breeders enjoy, do and want to do! So this month's question is:

Do you travel with your cat?

Vote Now!

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Last month's response?

Do you show or have you ever shown household pets?

63% responded YES and 38% answered NO.

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Hi ya guys... Hey, it was fun to see Petie's Rolling Stone Cover in this month's TICA newsletter. I immediately got some texts, Facebook's and other messages from people who saw it before I did. HOW FUN!!! Again, keep up the great work you guys do. It's enjoyable to be with such a organization that makes this all so much fun. I hope that my contribution to your newsletter put a smile on a few faces... Regards, Pete Loren...aka Petie's Roadie LOL

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