Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Year of Fabulous Felines...Fun...Friendships Closes

Wow. That's all I can say about our 2010 Annual Awards Banquet and Cat Show that we just "closed down" the past show season with a lot of panache and excitement..oh, and of course FABULOUS FELINES, FUN AND FRIENDSHIPS.

Not only was Santa Clara, CA a great place to hold it, but we sure put TICA on their map so to speak. If you got a chance to go, did you see the buses running around town with the BIG TICA advertisements? Thank you to Helmi Flick for allowing us to use her fabulous photos. If you didn't see one or didn't get to go, here's one of the advertisements (not on a bus...sorry! I didn't get my camera out in time to snap a shot).

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Cat lovers enjoyed demos of cat clicker training by The Cat Coach, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant Marilyn Krieger, who - along with Dr. Yee - answered feline veterinary and behavioral questions. We even had a great Savannah-Rama (I swear there were more people there than at the rings!) and some of the winners at the "fun ring" were:

  • Most Energetic - Kirembo Barack owned by Brigitte Cowell
  • Biggest Cat Clown - Simon owned by Tricia Perkins
  • Savannah-Rama King - SavannahIsland Trouble owned by Debby Maraspini
  • Savannah-Rama Queen - CactusRun Ruby of SpottedLove owned by Leonard Dieguez
Congrats to our Savannah winners!

Image We even had the Guinness World Book of Records on hand to see if they could find a new Tallest Cat in the hundreds of felines at the show!

The record was broken at the show and the new record is 17.5 inches from paw to shoulder, held by SavannahIsland Trouble, a Savannah neutered male owned and bred by Debby Maraspini.

But most importantly, the Award Banquet held that weekend was why we really were all there! Celebrate we did as we announced Allbreed Judge Aline Noel-Garel as Judge of the Year (a fine lady to do it!) and we bestowed the title of International Winners and Best of the Best on our cat, kitten, alter, household pet and household pet kitten of the 2009-2010 season.

It's always hard work to put on an Annual, and thank you so much to Jazzy Cats for putting your heart and soul into a fantastic event. While we can look back on our fun and say "wow" ... now we need to look ahead because in another twelve months, we'll do it all over again...the land of our forefathers and the City of Brotherly Love, gorgeous Philadelphia Pennsylvania!

Because we had so much to tell, this issue is dedicated to our winners for 2009-2010!

Thank you for a great 2009-2010 season!

Purr-sonally yours,
Vickie Fisher

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Congratulations to TICA's Best for 2009-2010!

As the current season continues to ramp up, the first weekend of September breeders and exhibitors went to California to be recognized for their International Winners for the 2009-2010 show season. The Best were:

Image Best Cat IW SGC Pajocoons Indi, Maine Coon, Bred and owned by Willem Straetmans of Belgium
Image Best Kitten IW Kelloggs Destinys Child, American Shorthair, Bred and owned by Heinrich and Carly Kellogg/C Schofield of the United States
Image Best Alter IW SGCA Branbarrel One Mint Julep, Cymric, Bred and owned by Dorothy Seils of the United States
Image Best Household Pet IW SGM Matthew, Red Mackerel Tabby/White, Owned by Linda Swierczynski of the United States
Image Best Household Pet Kitten Jamison, Cream Mackerel Tabby, Owned by Linda Swierczynski of the United States

To see a full list of the Top 25 for each category, click here.

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Aline Noel-Garel Named Judge of the Year


Another show season ended April 30th...and another judge has been recognized as Judge of the Year!

Congratulations to Aline Noel-Garel who was named Judge of the Year for 2009-2010 by TICA at the Annual Awards Banquet last weekend in Santa Clara, CA.

Read More.

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2010 Annual Cat Show Best of the Best


We had over 350 cats and kittens convene in Santa Clara, California for the 2010 Annual Cat Show. After 12 rings of continuous judging, here are the Best of the Best from the show. Congratulations to everyone who made finals at the show...and congratulations to the Best of the Best!

Read More.

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