Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Letter from Vickie


Another year has flown by. It's the time for Giving. Rejoicing. And looking forward to a prosperous New Year. 2011 will be a fun year for you and your kitties. Don't forget to visit TICAU. We have a lot of content (and especially for the Holidays!!) that you need to read.

Take advantage of the great trading cards that you can buy at a great price. What a better way to promote your cat, your cattery and your breed! Oh, and don't forget promoting TICA. Download the free ebook with fun Holiday ideas for you and your cat (and send it to your family and friends!).

Just like during the Holiday season...there's SO much to do and enjoy thanks to TICA.

So, let me keep my note short.

Have a great Holiday. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Meowy Holidays,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Trading Cards to Promote Your Cats and Cattery

When you were a kid, bet you collected some type of trading card. Baseball? The Beatles? Football? Elvis? Or some other person, team, musician or sport that you enjoyed?

Well, as a cat owner wouldn't you LOVE to have a trading card of your cat (or cats)? Now you can and just for the low price of $79. For just $79 you'll get 500 cards but for ONLY $10 more you can get 1000 cards for $89 plus $14 S&H! You can also order an additional 1000 cards for just $52.

The front has your cat's photo and name. On the back, you add a short message that tells about your cat (write it in your cat's "voice" and let him/her tell the story! Kids and cat lovers enjoy reading it!) and add a short message that helps promote cat welfare.

The cards are produced by The Card Connection, and normal turnaround is 4-6 weeks. Don't wait. You can start handing out your cards at local shows...promote your cat...your cattery...and TICA!

Pricing is good through March 31, 2011.

To read more, click here.

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Fun Holiday Cat Ebook


The Holidays are about cooking. Cards. Decorations. Homemade gifts. Great books to read. And more...but, for, cats?

Yes! Now TICA has gathered great Holiday ideas that you can make, bake or take to ensure your cat has a joyful, love-filled Holiday!

TICA's Happy Holiday Ideas for You and Your Cat ebook is the perfect thing to send to cat lovers that you know.

  • There are tasty homemade treat recipes that you can whip up in little time and have wrapped for kitty to enjoy over the Holidays.
  • Great sources for ecards so you can send out cards quickly and with no postage!
  • Decoration ideas that anyone can make! They're great family projects and things to stuff in that cat lover's box or stocking.
  • Coloring pages for the kids to enjoy and even frame for mom, dad or any other cat lover they want to give a gift to.
  • Christmas cat books that are great to read to kids, or even for yourself.

There's so much to do around the Holidays, so TICA has made it simple by putting the "best cat Holiday ideas" in one ebook. You can download your copy by clicking here.

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Top Three Christmas Cat Books to Read for 2010


Dewey's Christmas at the Library - Dewey has been the resident library cat for many years now. And even he knows how to celebrate Christmas! This is the # 1 book to read your kids - or even yourself - to get into the "Holiday mood".

The other top two books are:

  • Christmas Cats by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  • Merry Christmas, Splat (Splat the Cat) by Rob Scotton
Image Image

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Holiday Ecards to Send Family and Friends


Need to send a card for Hannukah? Christmas? Kwanza? New Years? Here are some really great sites that have ecards that you can quickly send to your friends, family and other cat lovers in your email address book.

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Holiday Travel: Does Kitty Go With You or Stay Home?



A recent survey conducted of pet owners showed that nowadays more than 30% of owners take their pets with them. And travel is "not just for the dogs". Cats and even birds enjoy road trips, and even flying, to get to another family member or friends' home, or even a nice hotel or resort where the owners can relax and have fun (in the sun or snow).

Other options that pet owners take include:

Leaving kitty (or other pets) home for pet sitters, friends, neighbors or family to take care of Boarding kitty at a vet, cat posh hotel or other facility

Just remember if kitty is traveling with you, staying home or being boarded, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Write out instructions if your kitty isn't boarded at the vet that includes who your vet is, how to get hold of them. Also include the local emergency clinic information for after-hour emergencies.
  • Leave copies of all shot records, tags and other pertinent information about diet, medicines, etc
  • Leave litter and clean pans out along with scoop, and bags for disposal of used litter and waste
  • Leave out canned and dry food with instructions on how much to feed and when.
  • Leave all medicines and supplements out with instructions on who gets what, when and the dosage.
  • Clean bowls for water and dry food are good too. To make it easier if someone is pet sitting kitty, leave plastic spoons and forks plus paper plates to make it easier for them to clean up after kitty eats.
  • Leave toys that your cat loves to play with ... but make sure they're hidden if you don't want kitty to chew on feathers, etc.
  • Always leave some towels and a clean bed or pad available in case of accidents.
  • And don't forget to leave your cell phone #, where you're staying and another number for someone else locally that your pet sitter, vet or boarding facility can get hold of if they can't get hold of you.
  • And if you can't be reached, make sure you have someone else in the family designated as the person to call if something happened to you during your trip.
  • Keep a note on the refrigerator with the Poison Hotline too ... You never know when your pet sitter will need it if kitty stays home.
  • Keep kitty in its favorite room with its bed, pan and food/water. It's better to keep him/her in one room so the cat does not escape out the door when your pet sitter leaves.
  • Leave your itinerary if you're flying so they know when you'll be home.
  • Make sure YOU have the contact information for your pet sitter, boarding facility or vet so you can call if needed to check in on your beloved feline.

If you're cat is being watched at home, make sure you go over everything with your cat sitter. And if kitty is boarded, make sure you also go over the contact information and other pertinent information they need to know to make your cat's stay as happy and stress free as possible.

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Do Cats Celebrate Holidays?


Do cats celebrate Hanukkah? Absolutely! Ever wonder if the cat was present at Jesus' birth in Bethlehem? Well, now you can learn the story of The Legend of the Cat. Or, how DO cats decorate trees? And what do they do after they finish decorating the tree for the Holidays? What about New Years? Do they imbibe in the celebrations and write resolutions? See for yourself...cats DO enjoy the Holidays just like you and me.

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