Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter from Vickie


Although Spring is just around the corner, and a time we welcome warm breezes, blooming flowers and longer hours of sunlight, this year it's overshadowed by a want to address a horrific event that Mother Nature has stolen the joy out of this season: the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Everyone who works at TICA's EO ... our Board members ... our judges ... our exhibitors ... and all of our other members share our heartfelt concern for those who live in Japan and/or have family living there. Please remember, although we live many thousands of miles away from each other, we are all a part of the cat fancy and here to help each other in such horrible times as this.

Thank you for all of the concerned emails everyone has sent out. Our judges are all safe and we still wait to hear from some of our dear members about their own and their feline's safety. In the meantime, if you want to donate to help TICA members or felines in Japan who need assistance, please contact Animal Refuge Kansai

Thank you everyone for caring,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Discounted Pet Meds at Your Local Pharmacy

Did you know that you can purchase most of your cat - and other pets' - medications at your local pharmacy? And with the PetMed Card you can save up to 70% off the cost.

No cost to you, all you have to do is visit PetMed Card to register and print off your PetMed Card. Get a prescription from your veterinarian and you can get your discounted prescription at your local pharmacy. Even compounded (special) prescriptions are covered! You can learn more about the PetMed Card and what prescriptions are covered on their web site.

So don't let the "high cost of medications" keep you from taking care of your cat. Download your free PetMed Card today.

Please Note: PetMed is only available in the United States

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Don't Wait Until the End of the Season ...


Order your title confirmation online. It's easy to do with TICA's New TDS Online System!

If you haven't done it yet, don't wait until the end of the season. Go online to online.tica.org (or go to tica.org and select the tabbed page called TDS Online) and register to order your cat's title confirmation!

And don't forget once you're registered, you'll be able to:

  • Purchase Title Certificates
  • Download / Print Title Certificates already paid for a cat
  • Manage the cats listed as registered by you currently in TICA's database
  • Manage your cat's information (current, sold, deceased)
  • Manage your billing and shipping addresses for online orders.

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Who IS That Glamour Puss?


Last month we had the opportunity to see all of your fabulous "Valentines Day" felines that you posted on Facebook. But ... BLARNEY! ... what about those McFluffs who live with you? Did you snap a shot of him with a swill in his paws? Don't forget to upload those onto Facebook so we can all say ... Who IS That Glamour Puss?

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Don't Push the Luck O' the Irish


Shamrocks and tamoshanters. Okay, well, shamrocks and beer. Both are not good for kitty. The shamrock plant - also called the Good Luck Plant or Sorrel - is NOT good for your cat if they nibble on it.

All parts of the Oxalis spp. plant have toxic potential, although the possibility of serious effects is usually limited to ingestions of large quantities. Consuming Oxalis species can produce colic in horses, and kidney failure is possible if significant amounts are eaten. If you ever feel your cat has nibbled on some shamrocks, call your veterinarian or the Poison Hotline at (888) 426-4435.

Oh, and what is a tamoshanter? Here's a hint: the cat in the photo is wearing one.

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Meet the ... Russian Blue


Regal blue coat with a silver sheen, and green, green eyes. A head that has "seven planes" to it. What cat is this? Well, it's the Russian Blue.

Also known as the "Archangel Cat", the aristocratic Russian Blue is the gem of the feline world. Their short, dense silver-tipped blue fur glistens and shimmers in the light as they move providing an elegant setting for their glowing emerald green eyes. Is it any wonder they are rumored to have been the pets of the Russian Czars and a favorite of Queen Victoria? Their beautiful faces have an enigmatic smile as they survey their dominion with satisfaction. They are a medium-sized cat with fine boning and large, flared ears all in wonderful harmony. Sheer elegance combined with intelligence make this breed a winner in the show ring and in the home.

To learn more about the Russian Blue click here.

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Kitten Insurance for ONLY $1 a Month?


Spring is upon us. That means litters of kittens! And it could mean unplanned visits to the vet clinic.

Take advantage of Embrace Pet Insurance who has partnered with TICA to offer our members two months of full coverage for only $1 a month for kittens up to one year of age. Now you can try it out for a low cost, and the ability to cancel at any time.

Your kitten will be covered for up to $2000 in veterinary bills for unexpected illnesses and accidents. Take advantage of this for your own kittens or for kittens you sell to a new owner so you have peace of mind that your kitten is taken care of even during unexpected emergencies.

It's easy to do. Fill out the enrollment form and follow the directions to send it back to Embrace ... and your kitten will be covered for two months! Your coverage will automatically renew if you don't cancel after your two trial months.

You can learn more by reading Embrace's Flyer.

Please Note: Embrace Pet Insurance is only available in the United States

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Collect 'Em All ... Including Your Kitty's Own Trading Card


Hey, who hasn't wanted their cat on a trading card? How fun is that to be able to trade cards with other cat owners and see who can collect the most.

Here's your chance to get your kitty his own trading card. The Card Connection's special price of $79 for 500 trading cards only lasts through March 31, 2011.

The front of the trading card features your cat's photo and name. On the back, you can tell a short story about your cat, and then add a short message that promotes cat welfare.

For just $79 you'll get 500 cards but for ONLY $10 more you can get 1000 cards for $89 plus $14 S&H! You can also order an additional 1000 cards for just $52.

If you plan on handing the cards out this show season, the normal turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

To order your cards click here.

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