It's April. Know what that means?


It's almost the end of the 2010-2011 show season! This show season has flown by and soon it will be time to celebrate our winners around the world.

Make sure that your cat or kitten doesn't have points showing up under un-registered. Visit TDS Online to order your cat's confirmations. Get your photos ready for the Yearbook (and don't forget to place an ad and reserve your copy!). Plan on supporting your region at your regional awards show. And pencil in the Annual Awards Banquet and Show the first weekend of September in historical Philadelphia, PA!

Well, that's a lot to check off your list, but that's how we wrap up the season, and celebrate every cat, exhibitor and breeder for a "job well done".

Oh, and as you can see below, the Bengal rules again as the most popular breed of cat in TICA, Embrace Pet Insurance has a new promotion for our members, and TICA will help support the United Kingdom's largest event of the year, the London Pet Show!

See you in Philadelphia,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Bengal Claims Most Popular Breed Three Years in A Row


Once again the Bengal rules supreme as the Most Popular Breed of cat with 6,370 cats and kittens registered during 2010.

Rounding out the Top Five breeds were:

  • #2 - Ragdoll: 4050 cats
  • #3 - Maine Coon: 2063 cats
  • #4 - Savannah: 1024 cats
  • #5 - Sphynx: 1020 cats

To see a full list of the number of cats registered by breed during 2010, click here.

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Enter to Win a Petmate Two Door Pet Porter for Cats


Embrace Pet Insurance is giving one lucky TICA member a Petmate Two Door Cat Carrier. To enter, simply "like" Embrace's Facebook page and then upload a photo of your pets with "TICA" in the caption. All photos posted during the month of April will be entered into a random drawing; Embrace will contact the winner at the beginning of May via Facebook.*

Embrace Pet Insurance specializes in pet health insurance for cats and dogs in the United States. They are pet insurance experts with one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry and are revolutionizing the pet insurance market with their customizable plans. Get a quote for your cats and kittens today.

*Embrace staff and families not eligible to win. Must not have won within last 90 days. One entry per household.

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TICA Promotes the Cat at the Prestigious London Pet Show


TICA will be an exhibitor at the prestigious London Pet Show scheduled for May 7 and 8, 2011 at the National Hall, in Olympia, London, United Kingdom. We'll be in the Cat Zone along with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). TICA will be represented by our team from our Western Europe region.

To learn more about the show visit www.londonpetshow.co.uk

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Meet the...Birman


Many years ago, a golden-eyed, white cat stood guard over his dying holy master and as the master died, his soul passed on to the cat. The pure white cat was transformed into a cat with a cream colored coat with a golden glow of his master's golden goddess, a dark brown head, and dark brown legs and tail. The cat's paws and hocks, which rested on his master's chest, stayed pure white as a sign of his master's purity. As the cat gazed up at the golden goddess, his gold eyes turned to a beautiful sapphire blue, the same as his master's goddess. Today, that cat is today's Birman.

To learn more click here.

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Here Comes Peter Cotton...Cat?


Easter isn't just for rabbits you know!

Now your cat can have its own set of custom knit ears (take a peak here) or buy an Easter bonnet that would be the envy of any other cat! Oh, and don't forget to buy your favorite feline some nice Easter eggs (that really are stuffed with catnip! No chocolate for kitty!).

P.S. Please remember while Easter and Day Lilies are gorgeous, they are highly toxic to your cat! So is chocolate, so hide those bunnies. And please remember if you have Easter baskets out, use something different in them versus the fake grass. If kitty eats any of the grass, it can be a visit to your vet or emergency clinic on Sunday!

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Take A Little Vaca with Kitty at A B&B


Next time you go to a show, take a few extra days if your out of town and stay at a bed and breakfast that allows cats. The Cat's Meow in Fredericksburg, Texas - right in the gorgeous hill country - allows cats and has cabins that are private and quiet. A great way for kitty to watch the birds and wild life that roam the 30 acres the B&B is located on.

You can find a full list of B&Bs and search for those in a state that allow cats at Bed & Breakfast Online.

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Interested in Being on Your Breed Committee?

If you are, now is your chance to file to run for a seat on your respective Breed Committee. Fill out the Filing for Breed Committee form and send it along with a $10 filing fee to TICA's EO no later than July 31, 2011. The form lists the requirements to qualify for a seat on a Breed Committee.

Elections will be held in October/November and new Breed Committee members will be announced in December. All Breed Committee members will take their seats on January 1, 2012.

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