Cat Days of Summer


June. So what "is June"? Weddings? Graduations? Summer vacations?

Well, not for TICA and the cat fancy! It's time to announce our winners for the last show season, and get ready to celebrate our winners at the regional and annual awards banquets!

Make sure to check out the "to do" list below so you and your kitty are ready to celebrate you and your friends' wins!

June is also Adopt - A - Cat Month. If you can't adopt a cat or kitten (which can be a great Household Pet to show!) from a rescue group or shelter, or off the street or from a friend or neighbor who can't keep their cat, then call your local shelter or group to see what they need. You can still make a difference by making sure the cats and kittens waiting for forever homes have things to make them comfortable.

"TICA June" is packed with more exciting news. TICA cats convened in Moscow, Russia. Cyprus held its first cat show. Meet the Breeds promotions are underway.

June 21st may be the start of the summer. But for TICA it's the start of three fun - filled summer months.

Keep kitty kool during the summer months,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Moscow Meets and Greets Hundreds of Cats


Cat lovers convened at Club CRYSTAL's show - InfoCat 2011 - on June 4 - 5 in Moscow, Russia. More than 500 cats were on hand at InfoCat giving the residents of Moscow and surrounding towns a glimpse at how a cat show works, and the chance to meet more than 37 breeds of cats!

More than 200 cats competed in 10 rings of judging plus 3 congresses, 100 cats were on hand for exhibition only, and 200 cats were available for the visitors to see close up at 28 breed booths.

"It was a great success for all - exhibitors, breeders and most important, visitors" who were soooo excited!" said Olga Murashko, who co - managed the event with Svetlana Baranova.

InfoCat was sponsored by SturdiProducts, Sanabelle, EverClean, FreshStep, Gimpet, Groomers Goop, Brit and BioKats.

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2010 - 2011 Show Season "To Do" Checklist

  • Sponsor an international winner that you have rooted for during the 2010 - 2011 season! Click here.
  • Honor a regional winner that a fellow exhibitor or friend showed during the 2010 - season.Check your regional web sites for cats to sponsor.
  • Submit your Supreme Grand Champion, Regional Winner, International Winner or Breed Winner photos for the Yearbook. Click here.
  • Send your Regional Winner or Breed Winner to your region contact.Check your regional web sites for information.
  • Advertise in the Yearbook and promote your winning cat(s), cattery or breed. Click here.
  • Order your copy of the 2010 - 2011 Yearbook even if you don't advertise in it! Click here.
  • Send your International Best of Breed photos to the TICA webmaster for use on tica.org. Click here.

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Vote for Judge of the Year


It's time again to vote for Judge of the Year. TICA's new Judge of the Year will be honored at the Annual in Philadelphia and featured in the TICA TREND. When you vote, select the judge who you believe who has done the most to promote TICA, cats and the cat fancy.

Judge of the Year for 2010 was Aline Noel - Garel.

To vote for this year's Judge of the Year, click here.

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TICA Club Hosts First Show in Cyprus


One of TICA's newest clubs, St. Helen's & Aphrodite's Cat Club hosted its first cat show on May 28 - 29 in Pyrgos, Limassol at the "Febrero" cafe - restaurant. Dr Phillipa Holmes from the United Kingdom judged specialty and Pascal Remy judged all breed classes.

Two other new TICA clubs - - Club TICAdeCHILE of Chile and Taiwan Cat Lovers Club - will host their first shows this show season. Taiwan's show is scheduled for June 26th.

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Royal Canin Launches New Partner Portal


The ROYAL CANIN® Partner Portal was created for Crown PartnersTM members, to provide unique and exclusive information and services. It will eventually contain e - learning modules on nutrition and breeding, exclusive online programs just for breeders, and other members - only benefits.

The FIRST Partner Portal module to go live is the new ROYAL CANIN® Online Store. The online store is the new and improved method for direct delivery program members to place product orders. This new option offers convenient 24 Hour Ordering, Order Tracking and special Online Only Offers just for Crown PartnersTM program members.

If you are a breeder, register now. To download the Instructions via PDF click here.

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Meet the Japanese Bobtail


Have you ever gone into a Japanese restaurant and been greeted by a statue of a cat holding its one paw up, and resting his other paw on a golden coin? That's the Good Luck Cat (also called Neko) who is fashioned after the Japanese Bobtail. The Japanese Bobtail traces its history back to over 1,000 years ago and is depicted in famous paintings, murals, pottery and statues found in Asia and museums around the world. A natural breed originating in Japan, the Japanese Bobtail has a chiseled head structure and stylized angular lines, comes in both long- and short-haired coats, and is known for its vibrant, rich mi-ke or tri-colored and bi-colored patterns. The one feature that gave the Japanese Bobtail its name is its bobbed tail that consists of a variety of kinks and curves creating a pom-pom effect-like. Its tail is like a fingerprint because no two tails are ever the same. Active, intelligent, and athletic, the Japanese Bobtail will entertain you with it s rambunctious antics.

To learn more click here.

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