Letter from Vickie


I can't believe how much has happened since the last newsletter! Our new club in Taiwan hosted their first cat show on June 26th, and I had the honor of judging the show. I was so thrilled at the cats at the show, the exhibitors who helped make the show a success and the cat lovers who attended the event. They were in every sense of the word an example of what TICA stands for: Fabulous Felines, Fun and Friendships.

Speaking of fun, make sure you have your airfare and hotel reservations for our 2010-2011 Annual Awards and International Cat Show that will be in Philadelphia, PA. Don't miss out on this FUN time! And if you have a cat to enter, make sure you get your entry in pretty soon.

There's so much going on: Meet the Breeds...new partners...free information for not only members but all cat lovers who visit TICAU. So much going on that I know we'll miss something in this newsletter!


Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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New Club in Taiwan Hosts First Show


The Taiwan Cat Lovers Club hosted its first show in Taipei, Taiwan on June 26 and welcomed 101 cats. The club was formed in April 2011, and the show was judged by Vickie Fisher and Hisae Tasaki.

To see some of the show coverage, click on the video links below:

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Run for a Spot on Your Breed Committee

If you have always wanted to vie for a spot on your breed committee, now it's time to file as the deadline approaches, July 31st. To see if your qualified to run, click here. And if you're eligible, then fill out the form and follow the instructions.

Remember the number of seats on a Breed Committee is based on the number of members of the Breed Section:

  • Under 75 Breed Section Members: 3 Committee Members
  • 75-150 Breed Section Members: 5 Committee Members
  • Over 150 Breed Section Members: 7 Committee Members

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Philly Here We Come!


Countdown to Philly. Or in other words, make sure you have it circled on your calendar to attend the 2011 Annual Awards Banquet and International Cat Show on September 3 and 4 in historical Philadelphia, PA also aptly named the city of "Brotherly Love".

Hosted by the Mid Atlantic Region and Karousel Kats this year's Annual promises to be full and surprises. If you get in early take some time to visit Philadelphia, the Delaware Water Gap and even try to make a day trip to New York City! The club has planned a dinner cruise on September 1 so make sure you get your ticket in time to go.

If you can't attend, support TICA's Annual by buying a t-shirt (under Show Information, Merchandise).

Use their logo with the article

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Remembering Your Beloved Kitty

We know how hard it is to lose a beloved feline. It's never easy. And that's why TICA decided to partner with Heavenly Designs and offer custom-made wood and marble urns that allow you to honor your cat. We want to ensure that what we offer is the type of urn you would want to use for your beloved cat's ashes or to keep his/her toys and other keepsakes in.

Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey so we can offer exactly what you would want to honor your kitty.

Click here to start survey.

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Meet the Official State Cats and Dogs!


Bet you didn't know this, but three states have officially declared different (breeds of) cats as "state cats". And there are even more states that have state dogs (11 states to be exact!).

So what kitties are appreciated and honored by certain states? To learn who those lucky felines are click here.

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Meet the Breeds on Facebook


The American Kennel Club (AKC) has launched a Facebook just for Meet the Breeds. If you want to post about your breed that will be at the event this year, feel free to do so!

And don't forget that TICA has a Facebook too!

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Cats Really Do Need Baths!


How many times have you sold a cat or kitten and told the new owners they should bathe their cat. Or if you get a new cat with a coat type you're not familiar with, how do you bathe it?

You can learn more bathing and grooming tips as taught by the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America, view videos online and download articles that you can give new cat owners or use yourself.

Here's a great article on "What do you mean cats need baths?" that you can download and give to a new cat owner.

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Color Smokey and Win A Free Autographed Book


Smokey was proclaimed the loudest purring cat in the world by Guinness World Records. A cat will normally purr at a level of around 25 decibels when measured at a distance of 1 meter away but Smokey was recorded for Guinness World Records purring at a level of 67.7 decibels when measured at a distance of 1 meter away.

His owner Ruth Adams has drawn a lot of pictures of Smokey that are available at www.smokeythepurringcat.com.

Children are invited to color in pictures and send them to Smokey and his owner. The best ones will be used in his book, and the winners will get autographed copies of the books.

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Breed Article Headline: Meet the...Havana


Those captivating green eyes and rich brown coat with mahogany undertones belong to only one breed of cat: the Havana.

Curious, playful and people-oriented, the Havana is the perfect breed for an individual or family! You'll never know they're in the same room until you feel a tap of a paw on your arm, or your Havana stretches up to give you a kiss right on the lips or strong head bump on the chin. They love to touch and will sit with one paw up in the "wounded paw" stance, that means they're ready to touch ...or go after that toy you are playing with them.

What also sets the Havana apart is its tell-tale muzzle that some say looks like a corn cob stuck on the bottom of its face. Medium-sized, it's shiny short coat makes it an easy breed to care for with a soft brush. to get any dead hair out of the coat. The Havana is the only true-breeding brown cat. It also comes in lilac which is a pinkish-grey and a dilute of the chocolate gene.

To learn more click here.

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TICA Welcomes FURminator as our New Partner


FURminator offers deShedding tools that help eliminate hairballs while reducing shedding up to 90% to give your cat a shiny, healthy coat.

Used and recommended by veterinarians and professional pet stylists, the tools are available for both short-hair and long-hair breeds.

More information regarding member promotions will be announced later. In the meantime, visit www.FURminator.com to learn more about the tools for cats (and they have them for dogs too!) and kittens.

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Want To Get Your Cattery or Business in front of over 30,000 Pet Lovers?

Don't miss out! Advertise in the Spectator Guide TICA will be handing out at the Meet the Breeds in New York City on November 19-20. Last year close to 40,000 spectators filled the Jacob Javits Center to see cats and dogs they've only seen on TV, in person! Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your cattery or business front and center in a publication that is designed for the person to keep forever!

Click here to learn more about rates, ad sizes and submission guidelines.

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