Letter from Vickie


It's August ... and you know what happens in just a short three weeks? The 2011 Annual in the "City of Brotherly Love", Philadelphia!

We have quite a lineup of judges who represent all of TICA's regions from around the world. And we have hundreds of cats from around the world. This is truly an International event that will showcase TICA's "fabulous felines".

Oh, and don't forget the "fun" we have in TICA. Make sure you get there a little early or stay a little longer to tour Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. The Mid Atlantic Region and Karousel Kats have done a fabulous job planning this year's event.

This is also time for us to celebrate "friends". Thank you to all of you who sponsored a cat who earned an International Win for 2010-2011.

I hope that I see you in Philadelphia. Not only do we want to celebrate the Spirit of Philadelphia, but the Spirit of TICA and all of our winners who made the 2010-2011 season an exciting one for all of us to remember.

See you in Philly,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Watch Out Philly! Here Comes TICA!


The last week of August, hundreds of cats will converge on Philadelphia, PA to celebrate the International Winners of 2010-2011, and compete in our annual International show.

TICA's Mid Atlantic Region and Karousel Kats invite everyone to come even if you're not showing a cat or receiving an award, and have fun! Here are some links to help make your planning easy and quick:

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Ask the Vet: How to Submit Questions


Have a question about your cat, breeding or new kittens? We now feature Ask the Vet in the TICA Trend, where you can submit a question to Dr. Melinda Fleming, DVM. She joined Royal Canin in 2000 as a Scientific Services Veterinarian with a focus on feline and canine nutrition.

In case you don't receive the Trend, the questions and answers from Ask the Vet will be published on tica.org.

Click here to read a recent question about diabetes mellitus.

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Reasons You Need to Order a Copy of the 2011 Yearbook

  • Each breed is featured in an article penned by the Breed Committee Chairs!
  • Gallery of Awesomeness, a new cattery directory!
  • Every Top 25 IW will have short copy about him or her!
  • TICA's Top Five breeds will be featured
  • Sire and dam information will be listed with all breed listings
  • A recap of the show season around the world in TICA!
  • New layout, format and size!
  • Available in NEW CD format!

And for you advertisers, there will now be five different ad sizes to choose from! All full page ads will get that advertiser a FREE Yearbook/CD combo!!

To order your copy of the Yearbook, click here.

If you want to advertise or honor your cat that earned a title or won an award, click here.

Email the Yearbook Editor if you have questions.

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Meet the Breeds: Promote Your Breed!


Take advantage of promoting your breed and cattery in the TICA Spectators Guide that will be handed out to thousands of attendees of Meet the Breeds on November 19-20 in New York City. Cat lovers (and dog lovers) come from states up and down the eastern coast ... so it's not just New Yorkers or people traveling on the train from Philly or New Jersey at the event.

The Spectators Guide has been designed to be a reference document cat lovers will keep forever! Don't miss out on your chance to promote your breed group or cattery to tens of thousands of cat owners and aficionados! Choose from: $75 Cattery Directory Ad (business card sized, arranged by breed), $250 Quarter Page Ad, $500 Half Page Ad or $800 Full Page Ad.

Catalogue will be in FULL COLOR and Ads must be CAMERA READY. To place your ad and find out how to send payment and your file, contact Marty Young at CatTrekker@aol.com

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How to Prepare for Your Cats Forever Care


Under the laws of all 50 states, a pet owner cannot leave any part of his or her estate outright to an animal. However, the owner may leave a sum of money to the person designated to care for the pet, along with a request (not a direction) that the money be used for the pet's care. It is important for the pet owner to select a caretaker he/she trusts and who will be devoted to the pet, because the caretaker has no legal obligation under the above provision to use the money for the purpose specified.

For more information about planning for your cats care and sample wills, click here.

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Disaster Preparedness for Kitty and Your Pets


While people tend to think in terms of "seasons" (tornado, hurricane, flood, blizzard, etc ... ) you should ALWAYS have a disaster preparedness plan in place because a disaster also includes fires, and other unexpected catastrophic events.

If you don't have one yet, download your copy of FEMA's Emergency Preparedness Guidelines.

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TICA Trend: Don't Miss Out on an Issue or Advertising


If you are not receiving your TICA Trend, please contact the editor at trend.editor@tica.org!

Also, don't forget that the Trend is a great way to honor your cattery and your regional and international winners!

But you don't have to just do it for your end-of-season winners! You can always honor your titled cats in the Trendsetters, or advertise your cattery or business.

The next issue of the Trend will be distributed during October. To learn more about rates, submission guidelines and due dates for ads, click here.

If you have other questions, email the Editor at trend.editor@tica.org!

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Meet the ... Abyssinian


What's that small cat that looks like a cougar? He's so ... Aby-silly-an! Yes, that's the Abyssinian otherwise called the Abby. Their name starts with A, and so do the adjectives that describe this medium-sized breed: active, awesome, agile, astounding, alert, animated, affectionate, amusing, athletic, astute, amiable and attentive.

While the first Abby arrived in the US during the early 1900's, it's an ancient breed that is said to have descended from the sacred cats of Ancient Egypt.

To learn more about this breed, click here.

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Quick Ways to Promote Your Cattery

If you are a breeder and need to find loving homes for cats or kittens, then here are a few quick ways to promote your cattery "on a shoe string":

  • Feature a classified ad on tica.org - the site is visited by more than 24,000 people each month from around the world!
  • Run an ad in the TICA Trend - more than 5000 members and exhibitors receive the bimonthly magazine
  • Place a banner ad in the TICA enewsletter - it's sent out monthly to more than 10,000 cat lovers!
  • Get an ad in the TICA Spectator Guide - it will be handed out at Meet the Breeds in NY to thousands of people who are cat lovers. This keepsake will be used for reference materials and not thrown out.
  • Order trading cards to hand out at shows - feature your cat and promote the breed and your cattery! Not only do kids love them, adults do too!
  • Print off the breed standard and profile for the breed of cat you breed or exhibit - they're ready to be printed off TICA's site. Staple your business card or use a rubber stamp to put your information with the breed profile.

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