Letter from Vickie


What an exciting time it was in Philadelphia at our Annual Awards Banquet and International Cat Show that was superbly planned and managed by Karousel Kats! We sure lived up to the name of "the city of Brotherly Love" when we honored our 2010-2011 International Winners, named Connie Webb Judge of the Year, and announced that Sue Becknell is a TICA Living Treasure!!!!

On top of that, we found time to have some fun at our International Cat Show where our Best of the Best were crowned out of hundreds of entries from around the world: MTNest Prince William - Best Cat, Kelimcoons Don Cesar of Sarajen - Best Kitten, Sunsoar Sambucca of Bryndiar - Best Alter, Delaney - Best Household Pet Kitten and Duchess Talulah Mae - Best Household Pet.

I'm also proud to announce that TICA has a new partner - Staples - who can make our members' lives easier and help them save money too! Welcome Staples to the TICA partner family.

With Meet the Breeds and holidays around the corner, TICA has a busy rest-of-2011 ahead of it.

Again, thank you to Karousel Kats and the Mid Atlantic Region for your hard work and dedication to TICA by hosting a memorable event over Labor Day weekend.

Until next month,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Coming Soon: Online Voting


TICA is excited to announce that this year our members will be able to vote on line! To ensure you receive your electronic ballot please register with TDS Online.

This will ensure that TICA has your correct and current email address. All current rules still apply as to eligibility to vote, including being a member in good standing. (Please see related By-Laws concerning voting eligibility)

Please go setup your TDS Online Account now!

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TICA Crowns 2010-2011 International Winners


Abyfelis Ermes was awarded the title of Best Cat for The International Cat Association's (TICA) 2010-2011 show season at TICA's Annual Awards Banquet in Philadelphia, PA on September 3, 2011.

The Ruddy Ticked Tabby SGC Abyfelis Ermes earned his International Winner title by accumulating more than 13,000 points during the show season which ran from May 1, 2010 through April 30, 2011.

Abyfelis Ermes was bred and is owned by Patricia Jean-Jean from France. He was also crowned Best Cat for TICA's Southern Europe Region.

Our other International Winners were:

Best Kitten
IW MTNest Prince William
Brown(black) Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
Owner/Breeder: Judy and David Bernbaum


Best Alter
IW SGCA Grandbois Etiennne Guittard
Owner: N Dionne, D Steele and C McFadden, Breeder: Nancy Dionne and Carole McFadden


Best Household Pet
IW SGM Awwsome Amber of Careycats
Brown (black) Mackerel Torbie/White
Owner: Tanya Carey


Best Household Pet Kitten
Red Ticked Tabby
Owner: Linda Swierczynski


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Connie Webb Voted TICA's New Judge of the Year


Congratulations to Connie Webb who was voted as TICA's new Judge of the Year.

"I'm so proud that Connie is being honored as the 2011 Judge of the Year, as she embraces TICA and what we stand for in the cat fancy and the global cat community," said Vickie Fisher, TICA President.

Connie was named All Breed Judge in 1992. She is also a School and Ring Instructor . Connie is well known for her Birmans that she bred and showed under the cattery LAOTSUN. She has been a TICA member since 1985 and resides in West Chester, PA.

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TICA's New Living Treasure, Sue Becknell


Congratulations to TICA's newest Treasure: Sue Becknell

TICA Treasures, selected by TICA's Board of Directors, are based on an old Japanese custom of honoring those who have contributed beyond measure to their chosen art, craft or profession.

"Only three others have been bestowed with the title of TICA Treasure, and Sue certainly is a pearl in TICA's world who deserves to be honored for her hard work and love not only for TICA but for every cat that she has handled as a breeder, exhibitor and judge," said Vickie Fisher, TICA President.

Sue, who entered the judging program in 1981, is a Distinguished Judge and an Approved All Breed Judge. She is one of TICA's 1979 charter life members! Sue also has mentored many judges as a School and Ring Instructor.

In honor of her late husband Jim who was an Approved All Breed Judge, the James C. Becknell Award is given to the HHP in the South Central Region who has won the most rosettes for having the best mustache or for being black and white at shows during the season. Sue and Jim bred persians and abysinnians under the cattieries VON BECKNELL and SKAZKA in El Paso, Texas.

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TICA's Newest Partner...Staples

Staples has partnered with TICA to provide our members with exclusive member discounts up to 75% off on design, printing, signs, business cards and more.

It's free for TICA members to join the Staples Business Discount Program. You'll have the ease of ordering online, and get priority services at lower costs. Click here to learn more.


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Meet the Breeds Update

  • Tickets are on sale! If you live in the Tri-state area or know cat lovers who would want to go, they can be reserved / purchased online - click here

  • Invite people who have purchased a kitten or cat from you who live in the Tri-state area to come to Meet the Breeds! You can send them a link to the Meet the Breeds web site with the ticket information.

  • Promote your breed and/or cattery in the Spectator Guide which will be handed out to thousands of people attending Meet the Breeds. Choose from: $75 Cattery Directory Ad (business card sized, arranged by breed), $250 Quarter Page Ad, $500 Half Page Ad or $800 Full Page Ad. Catalogue will be in FULL COLOR and Ads must be CAMERA READY. To place your ad and find out how to send payment and your file, contact Marty Young at cattrekker@aol.com

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Meet the...Household Pet


Since TICA was organized 32 years ago, Household pet cats and kittens have been eligible for registration and compete for the same titles and regional and international awards as pedigreed cats.

Household pets are made of three general groups: mixed breed/random-bred cats; half-pedigree "oops" cats; and pedigree cats which are either unregistered or do not meet the breed standard (such as straight-eared Scottish Folds or non-curly Selkirk Rex, or even a Persian whose nose is too long).

They are our everyday companion cats who bring joy to our lives. Many have been adopted from shelters and have found new, loving homes where they blossom in the love and attention they receive from their new owners.

To learn more click here.

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Enter to WIN a TICA Polo Shirt!


We always want to improve how we communicate to our members and non-members alike... and the only way we can do that is by finding out what you would like to learn about TICA, showing or breeding cats, and cats in general.

A winner will be announced in the October newsletter.

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