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In a couple weeks we'll be celebrating the 2011-2012 International Winners at our Annual Awards Banquet in Columbus Ohio. Although I'll have the chance to hopefully congratulate each and every one of our winners in person, I want to say a "hearty congratulations" to all of our TICA members and exhibitors who may not be able to make this year's event!

If you can't get to this year's show or banquet hosted by the Great Lakes Cat Consortium, then please send your best wishes to your friends and fellow exhibitors from around the world. We won't forget any of you who traveled far and wide to show your kitties, and competed with these winners. Achieving an International win is what each of us strive for, but every cat, kitten, alter, household pet or household pet kitten competing at TICA shows have won in their own right.

Give your kitties a big hug because they're "international winners" in their own right by competing at TICA-sanctioned shows!

Let's celebrate,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Cats Take On Downtown Columbus

If you happen to live in the Columbus, Ohio area, don't be surprised by the larger-than-life cats that you'll see on signs around downtown, or on the sides of local buses. The Great Lakes Cat Consortium worked with Helmi and Ken Flick who designed three different ads for TICA's 2012 Annual International Cat Show. The ads are designed to capture the attention of cat lovers and drive them to the show! Thank you Helmi and Ken for showing off TICA cats proudly!

Image Image Image

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Felidae Sponsors TICA's Parade of Breeds at Meet the Breeds


FELIDAE Natural Cat Foods will sponsor TICA's Parade of Breeds at AKC Meet the Breeds® in New York City on October 20 and 21 at Javits Center.

TICA's Parade of Breeds on the main cat stage at Meet the Breeds will showcase over 50 recognized breeds, and each breed's type, shape, and personality will be demonstrated and explained by an expert panel of TICA judges.

Cat lovers will learn why the Abyssinian has an iridescent glow to the color of its coat, the history behind the Turkish Vans love of water, and if the Savannah cat "really does have an eye on the back of each ear".

Visitors will also see breeds of cats representing felines from around the world including the Russian Federations Siberian, the Dalles Oregon LaPerm Cat, and Thailand's blue cat, the Korat.

To learn more about Meet the Breeds visit www.MeettheBreeds.com

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A Special Deal for Special Cats


Royal Canin® recognizes there are special needs for special cats, so Royal Canin® Crown Partner™ breeder program members can earn a free case of Babycat Instinctive or Kitten Instinctive wet food by ordering a 3-bag combo of Indoor or Special cat food.

Order your free case, talk to a breeder consultant and learn more about Royal Canin's Crown Partner™ breeder program by calling 1-888-213-4486


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TICA Cat Featured on New AKC Meet the Breeds Blog

The American Kennel Club (AKC) launched a new Meet the Breeds blog to promote this year's event...and the first blog posted was about Induna the Bengal!


Induna is from Houston, Texas and represents the many cats who will be at Meet the Breeds in New York City on Oct 20-21 this year.

To read more visit the AKC Meet the Breeds blog.

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Tweet the Breeds Promotes Cats for Meet the Breeds


How well do you know your breeds of cats? You can test your knowledge and have fun too by following TICA's Twitter and answer breed questions posted as part of Tweet the Breeds.

While TICA is tweeting about cats, the American Kennel Club (AKC) is tweeting about breeds of dogs. Fun facts.

Let's see how many breeds of cats - and dogs - you know about! And don't forget: you can retweet the Tweet the Breeds to your own followers or post on your Facebook page!

Let's have some fun with this, and also promote Meet the Breeds 2012!

Find TICA on Twitter @TICAcats

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Meet the...Himalayan


Intelligent. Poised. Loving. Sweet. Loves to cuddle. Long hair, blue eyes and Siamese coloring make me a handsome boy. That's the Himalayan.

Conformation and coat of the Persian, coupled with the pointed coloring and blue eyes of the Siamese, the Himalayan has quickly become one of the most popular breeds of cats.

Perfect for a single home, or a busy family, To learn more about the Himalayan, click here.

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Thu 7/19/2012 9:22 AM

Very good checklist. I have a recommendation for your emergency checklist. I recommend that you add a check for a copy of the Veterinary records. While most of us who exhibit are aware that we need to carry a copy of our Veterinary records and rabies vaccination (whatever our state requires us to carry), if we pass this on to someone who is not a member of TICA they might not know that the Vet record should be part of their emergency kit.
Hellen Pounds
TICA Snowshoe Breed Chair
Snowshoe Rescue Network


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