Letter from Vickie


What a great time we had in Columbus, Ohio and hearty congratulations for a job well done needs to go out to the Great Lakes Region and its clubs for hosting this year's Awards Banquet and International Cat Show. If you didn't get to go to this year's event, you missed a fun time. There were over 400 cats entered in this year's show, and cat lovers from around the area came in to watch the judging, meet our International winners and learn more about their favorite breeds.

Most importantly, A hearty congratulations to our 2011-2012 Best Cat, Kitten, Alter, Household Pet and Household Pet Kitten plus our other International and Breed winners who represented TICA from around the world. You can read more about our 2011-2012 International winners in this issue.

After judging thousands of cats around with world during the past 17 years at TICA shows, Vicki Jo Harrison, from the South Central Region was named Judge of the Year. Congratulations Vicki Jo!

And boy! The Columbian Feline Club created one of the most beautiful show catalogs I've ever seen. Their catalog for the XVIII Y XIX Exposicion Internacional Felina Una Aventura Fantasmagorica won the coveted "Catalog of the Year" award for the 2011-2012 show season.

I can't say enough about this year's event. Well done ... a lot of fun ... and a great way to celebrate the 2011-2012 show season.


Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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2011-2012 International Winners Announced in Columbus Ohio


A black Persian named IW SGC Nuit Magiques Ellington of Yvarie was proclaimed TICA's 2011-2012 Best Cat at the Annual Awards Banquet. Ellington was joined by the world's best Kitten, Alter, Household Pet Cat and Household Pet Kitten when they are all honored on September 1 in Columbus, Ohio.

Ellington, owned by Marie Sarton from TICA's European South Region, earned Best Cat with a record-setting total of 13,678 points. More than 3,100 cats competed around the world in the Championship Cat division. Ellington and Marie traveled from France to pick up his awards in Ohio.

The other International Winners were:

2012 Best Kitten Image

A Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon kitten - IW Kelimcoons Don Cesar Of Sarajen - was named Best Kitten. Owned by Teri Matzkin of TICA's Mid-Atlantic Region, Cesar competed against 2,072 kittens worldwide and finished the season with 7,760 points.

2012 Best Alter Image

IW SGCA Sunsoar Sambucca Of Bryndiar/Cf, Black Exotic Shorthair owned by Sandra Lopes of TICA's Northeast Region. Sambucca finished the 2011-2012 show season with a whopping 11,759 points and competed against 1,139 alters around the world.

2012 Best Household Pet Image

IW SGM Bashful Beryl Of Careycats, a Red Classic Tabby/White domestic shorthair, competed against 465 household pets to take home the title of Best Household Pet. Shown by Tanya Carey from TICA's Southeast Region, Beryl earned 11,056 points by the end of the season.

2012 Best Household Pet Kitten Image

A Brown (Black) Mackerel Torbie/White domestic shorthair kitten captured the hearts of judges, and beat 167 other kittens from around the world to earn the title of Best Household Pet Kitten. IW Soffiee, owned by Linda Swierczynski from TICA's Mid-Atlantic Region, finished the season with 6,440 points.

Congratulations to all of the other cats, kittens, alters, household pet cats and kittens who earned a Top 25 International award; plus all of the Breed winners for the 2011-2012 show season!

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Vicki Jo Harrison Named Judge of the Year


After breeding and showing Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs for thirty-one years, Vicki Jo Harrison entered TICA's judging program in 1996. Now seventeen years and thousands of cats judged around the world later, Vicki Jo has been named Judge of the Year for 2012.

"I am very honored and humbled to have received this award," said Vicki Jo.

Vicki Jo and her husband John breed and show Oriental Shorthairs under their cattery, Radiance located in the South Central Region, and have produced numerous International, Regional and Breed winners. She also sits as Chair of TICA's Siamese and Oriental Shorthair Breed Committees.

Congratulations Vicki Jo!

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Totem Cat Invites You to Washington Next Year


Totem Cat, Spirit of the Northwest, invites you to the 2013 Annual Awards Banquet and International Cat Show where you can celebrate with friends and find your own spirit animal for you and your cats!

Next year's event hosted by the Northwest Consortium will be held in Bellevue, Washington on August 31 through September 1.

Mark your calendars ... and if you want to learn about the Totem Cat before you come to Washington, click here.

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TICA Kitty Goes on Safari ... To A Fiesta ... And Paints the Town!


Now you can go on Safari, to a Fiesta or paint the town with your own TICA Kitty t-shirt.

Available in Youth M, Adult S M L XL 2XL for $20 each plus shipping, each t-shirt comes in two colors.

Check out the TICA Kitty t-shirts by clicking here. To order your t-shirt (or t-shirts!) email coonquest@gmail.com with the t-shirt you want to order, color and size.

All funds will benefit Meet the Breeds co-hosted by TICA and the American Kennel Club (AKC) in NYC on Oct 19-21.

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The deep blue of their eyes against coats of any color - but mostly with white patches typically on their feet and tail tip - creates a striking contrast that you won't forget.

The Ojos Azules, a medium-sized, shorthaired cat, originated in a New Mexico feral colony and a tortoiseshell female named Cornflower.

In 1992 only 10 Ojos Azules were counted for, and today a New Breed program and a group of dedicated breeders are working to expand the gene pool and help the breed compete for Championship status.

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