Letter from Vickie

Just a few weeks ago, TICA and TICA cats were well represented at Meet the Breeds co - hosted by the American Kennel Club in New York City. Once again, it was a huge hit with tens of thousands of cat - and dog - lovers walking the halls to see their favorite breeds in person.

I can't believe it was just a few weeks ago ... and then just a little over a week after we left, New York City and surrounding areas were torn upside down by Hurricane Sandy.

I do want to take a minute to thank everyone who made Meet the Breeds successful again this year - Cheryl Hogan, Bobbie Tullo, Pamela Barrett, Francine Hicks, Ellen Crockett, Jackie Rose, Anthony Hutcherson, Sheila and Mike Dentico and all the many other folks who helped in various other ways - and most of all the owners and their fabulous cats who traveled from wide and far to be there on display! Also congratulations to all the breed booth winners and to the Top 3 that took home cash prizes! Here is how they placed:

  • 1st Bengal - $300
  • 2nd Birman - $200
  • 3rd Siberian - $100
  • 4th Toyger
  • 5th Savannah

Meet the Breeds wouldn't be successful without our gorgeous cats that we all love and cherish.

But I have to focus my attention on those who live in New Jersey, New York and other states along the East coast and their cats and other pets who are displaced and/or lost everything. If you haven't helped out yet, please do so. The upcoming holiday season is supposed to be filled with love and cheer, so if we can each do something to bring a little light and happiness in a home or shelter, please do so.

Our thoughts are with all of our TICA members, breeders, exhibitors and cat lovers,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Help the Cats Affected by Hurricane Sandy


When the weathermen called Hurricane Sandy a "super storm" they really didn't know the full impact it would have on the East coast. Although it has a place in history now, the people and animals impacted by the storm still are homeless or without power and other fundamental sources.

If you live in the area affected and can help out by volunteering at shelters or with other groups, or donate food, blankets, etc, please try to help out.

If you live anywhere else, you can make donations to the Red Cross or local shelters or rescue groups which you can find through Google searches, or contact TICA's Northeast Regional Director Francine Hicks or Mid Atlantic Regional Director Susan Adler to see how you can help out.

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Meet the Breeds Overview

If you didn't get to Meet the Breeds on October 20 - 21 in New York City, well hold on to your - cats - because here are some fun photos and videos that you can enjoy!

You can view other photographs and videos from this year, and last year, by clicking here.

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TICA Trend Goes Online


Can't wait for your next issue of the TICA Trend? Well, even if your mail delivery is late, you can view your next issue online!

If you're a TICA member and receive the Trend, you can login to TDS Online and view the most recent issue of the Trend!

Login now to view the latest Trend!

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Here's TICA's 2011 - 2012 Best Alter


Eyes like copper pennies and a thick, luxurious black coat ...

This is TICA's 2011-2012 Best Alter: IW SGCA Sunsoar Sambucca of Bryndiar/CF, a black exotic shorthair owned by Sandra Lopes. Not only was he TICA's Best Alter, but also Best Alter of the Northeast Region and Best of Breed alter worldwide. At the end of the 2011 - 2012 show season, Sambucca had earned 11,759 points; beating 1138 alters from around the world to claim the coveted title of Best Alter.

Congratulations Sambucca and Sandra!

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Get Ready for the Holidays


Did you know that more than half of cat owners around the world give their feline friends gifts for the holidays?

According to a PetFinder.com poll, 58% of cat owners spend an average of $20 per cat on toys, beds, treats and other gifts for their kitties.

To help save money during the holidays, you can make a lot of your own gifts - toys kitty will love to play with, yummy homemade treats or even beds that they can snuggle in - with a lot of love.

To learn more about fun things to make or do during the holidays all year round, click here.

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Meet the ... Chausie


Tall and statuesque, the Chausie resembles its ancestors, the Jungle Cat. An active cat who is loyal to the people in its family, the Chausie is recognizable by its unique grizzled tabby pattern came originally from Felis chaus.

No other domestic breed of cat occurs in that pattern. Imagine a tabby with a very dark background to its black markings. The first Chausies were Jungle Cat hybrids, and were bred in the late 60's and early 70's.

TICA recognized the breed in 1995 which later advanced to Evaluation status in 2002. A year later it the Chausie achieved 'Advanced New Breed' status and now competes in the Advanced new Breed (ANB) rings in TICA shows.

To learn more click here.

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How to Build a Shelter for Feral Cats

The Neighborhood Cats of NYC have built and placed hundreds of handmade shelters for feral cats during the past years.

If you have a feral cat or colony that you are caring for, here's an inexpensive but sturdy shelter that you can make.

Now you can have peace of mind that outdoor cats in your care are snug and safe. To view instructions click here.

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