Letter from Vickie


Happy Valentine's Day! Here we are in the middle of February already. Over the months we have experienced glad and sad times. As we approach the end of the show season in April, I want to personally thank everyone for their continued support of the TICA shows throughout the entire world. Without you, TICA would not be such a great organization. From staff to judges, clubs to exhibitors, volunteers to spectators, the success of TICA is never a question. And of course that success is due to our wonderful cats whom all of you share with each other.

Our hearts always go out to the friends and felines we have lost. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families during this time of bereavement. Even though they are not with us, they remain in our hearts forever.

How exciting that we have won another small step for the cat. Yes, the cat won as the new token in the Monopoly game.

Our clubs have been doing a spectacular job during these rough times, and each one deserves a big thank you for their hard work.

Just as a reminder to all, our eNewsletters and the TICA Trend are available online for your reading pleasure. And the great part of that is they are free!

And while you are surfing the net, don't forget to check out all the great things that the TICA website offers. And to keep track of all your cats and awards, get your TDS online access.

Thank you,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Stewie The Maine Coon


Supreme Grand Champion Alter Mymains Stewart Gilligan (Stewie) 2010 World Record World's Longest Cat and Cat Tail went to Rainbow Bridge. Stewie's owner, Robin Henderson, said the record-holding cat died after battling cancer. He was 8 years old.

Guinness World Records listed Stewie as the record-holder in August 2010, measuring 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.

The Maine Coon cat was a certified therapy animal that frequently visited a Reno senior center and helped promote animal welfare awareness with the Nevada Humane Society.

Last month, he attended the International Cat Show in Portland, Oregon. "He did really well at the show, even though he wasn't feeling totally perfect," said Valerie Horton, the show's entry clerk. "He loved being there because he loved the public. He always did."

Henderson stated that, "Stewie was always very social and loved meeting new people. He has touched many lives, and for that I am grateful."

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Monopoly Cat Purred Its Way To The Top


Well, the cat is out of the bag and the vote is in. After fans from all over the voted, the cat became the new token to the almost 80 year old game. The Monopoly game will no longer have the iron which is replaced by the cat.

Did you know that during WWII metal tokens were replaced by wooden ones? Even in this age of electronics, I still enjoy a board game and so do the cats.

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International Cat Show And Food Drive For The Oregon Food Bank TNCC "The New Culture Club"

Portland, Oregon. The counts were in. The four legged fur balls were everywhere. Friday boasted 234 entries, and Saturday and Sunday at 245 entries. Along with all those entries, 13.5 55 gallon drums of food for the Oregon Food Bank were collected which makes 3,634 lbs of food - making us the 3rd largest food drive in January 2013 for OFB.

The gate was fantastic. Over the three days, 3, 075 paid admissions and 1,425 children under 12 were free. And no one went hungry. Nineteen cakes were eaten and 15 lbs of coffee was consumed.

I think I won a raffle item
Judging a household pets

Five Rescue Groups were featured/sponsored - Community Cat Coalition, Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, Cascade Animal Protection Society, West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, Hervey Foundation for Cats. TNCC sponsored 25 shelter entries - (no entry fee). And the wonderful ending to this was that16 Cats were adopted!

And what would a show be without a Spectator Choice Winner. A shelter cat from Community Cat Coalition, Hampton Blue Boy (Kathleen Shaw) was chosen for this award on Saturday. On Sunday, Magnacatta iBruser, a Selkirk Rex Alter (Brenda Fraser) was chosen.

Beautiful Awards for Beautiful Kitten
What great support by the
Brownie Girl Scouts Troop 4007
Scooper Bowl III: Litter boxing skills

There was a lot of great sponsors for the show - Felidae, City Kitty, Sturdi Products, Kitty Cat Litter, plus 15 additional vendors were there to sell their wares.

Club members made their own rosettes - including streamers to help with expenses. And what would a show be without the Scooper Bowl III - Celebrating Competent Litter Boxing Skills & The Joy of Litter Boxing. WOW!

Another beautiful ribbon for a beautiful feline
Roll out the barrel. We'll have a barrel of food

Our judge from Russian Federation - first time in the USA was Vlada Beninya. Also judges from Great Britain, Austria, Mexico, Canada, USA presided over18 rings.

And we don't want to forget our young people. The Junior Exhibitor Ring on Sunday, made sure every child got a rosette and even the spectator kids could participate using stuffed animal/cat.

Pamela Barrett
TNCC Show Manager

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