It is on a sad note we announce the passing of Ms. Arthel J. Scheuermann. She lost her battle with cancer Monday, Feb 18, 2013. Arthel, along with her lifetime friend, Larry Paul and Georgia Morgan was part of the threesome who are responsible for the creation and development of TICA.

Arthel was a TICA Judge and she served as the South Central Regional Director from 1979 - 1987. She was a longtime resident and a successful attorney in New Orleans, LA. Arthel, at 72 years of age was preceded in death by her husband who passed away last May. Arthel was strong yet gentle, a beautiful and graceful lady. TICA has lost a true treasure and a founding member. Rest In Peace Arthel.

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You can register a litter and immediately print out the Blue Slips (now called Breeder Slips for the online application). NO WAITING. The sire and dam of your litter must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be the exact same breed or within the same breed group
  2. Carry an SBT or SBV prefix to their registration number
  3. Be a TICA registered cat
  4. Be owned or co-owned by YOU at the time of mating

NOW we are LIVE with the next step! Want to register a kitten from that Breeder Slip? Now you can and print off the Registration Certificate IMMEDIATELY!!

  • You will need a Breeders Slip (previously called a Blue Slip). This electronic document is created when an Online Litter Registration is completed. Each live kitten is issued a Breeder Slip with a Breeder Slip Number (BSN) at the top right.

It is very exciting that so many people are using the new online registration system. Since 3/14/2013, more than 1,022 litters and 221 cats have been registered through the new system. The Office will email you directly with download instructions after registering.

Log in to your TDS Account and click on REGISTRATION to get started!!

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Purebred Cat Breed Rescue funds are running very low. We have rescued, vetted, and placed over 200 cats in the last 10 months. If we are to continue, we need your help. We know money is tight for many people, but we also know most of you care very deeply about cats. If you can even offer one dollar or even some loose change, we'd be very grateful for your assistance - pennies add up.

To donate by credit card / PayPal, just go to purebredcats.org and click on the PayPal button on the right near the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can donate to Purebred Cat Breed Rescue by Mail. Please make your check payable to "Purebred Cat Breed Rescue" & send to:

Purebred Cat Breed Rescue

c/o DeLynne Satimore

114 Pavilion Drive

Brandon, MS 39042

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Jay Bangle: Mid Pacific Regional Director

Jay lives in California, USA. The Mid Pacific Region has approximately 255 members and about 7 clubs. They have approximately a half dozen Junior Exhibitors. Most of the shows put on a raffle to help with the expenses. And most of them donate $1 per entry to the Regional to help defray costs. Majority of the Regional awards are supported with sponsorships.

"As far as my interests or hobbies," Jay says, "Food! I *love* food." Jay is married to Sean Corfield. Her children are her cats.


Christian Burger: NW Junior Exhibitor

One year ago, Christian Burger (Lynden, WA) attended a TICA Cat Show in Enumclaw with his Aunt Hope who was a volunteer with a cat rescue group. This was Christian's first cat show and he loved it. He was given the job of grooming the cats and putting them in the show ring and bringing them back to the benching area. Christian's enthusiasm for the cats was immediate and he quickly became more involved with TICA through the Junior Exhibitor Program.

TICA and the cats have become this 7th grader from Lynden Christian Middle School's passion. He has been volunteering with Community Cat Coalition for one year. He shows the cats at the TICA cat shows and grooms them. He is currently showing his cat DQ (Drama Queen) a 4 year old Brown Mackerel Tabby in the Household Pet Category.

Christian hopes to advance within the JE program and learn all he can about cat care and animal rescue. He wants to take this learning knowledge into the future and perhaps will be a TICA judge himself one day.

He loves showing the Household Pet Cats because they always have a story to tell. He likes to hear what the judges say about the individual cats and says he learns something every time he goes to a ring.

Christian's other interests are Chess and video games, but those come second to his love of animals, especially cats.

He also volunteers to help his Aunt Hope do feral cat TNR (trap-neuter-return). Christian has been working to help locate a cat which was lost in an accident at the Ferndale Show this year. He comes out and helps clean and reset the traps. As an official Community Cat Coalition volunteer he is going to be taking some of the classes which are offered in trapping, barn relocation, and socialization.

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Check out this video from the Econo Cat Club of Denver, Colorado. Their January show had video coverage on 9 news and The Denver Post.


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