AKC Meet the Breeds® comes early this year to the Javits Center, September 28 & 29, 2013. New York City is going to the dogs and cats once again when the American Kennel Club® (AKC®) and The International Cat Association, Inc. (TICA) join forces to host this Fifth Annual event.

AKC Meet the Breeds® showcase of dogs and cats offers pet lovers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the country's rarest dog and cat breeds.

So don't miss out on this spectacular event. For more information on entering your breed booth for this spectacular event, please contact your Breed Chairperson or Francine Hicks.

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A letter from Angel Richardson at Staples:

We would love for any members to lean on me for needs in printing and copying. If you are new to this Staples offering, you will need to contact me directly and provide your own personal Rewards# you have currently with Staples or I can create one for you. We would then link your Rewards# to the TICA master so you can as well benefit from the pricing structure. Each member will earn their own 10% back in Staples cash on these purchases.

To offer this special program, we only require a certain volume. To maintain that volume and share the great prices with you, I am here to assist you with any awareness or for projects and event assistance needed.

Don't lose out on saving your clubs printing and copying expenses. Many of our production centers offer custom items such as labels, clothing, mugs, pens, forms, signs, banners, name tags, offset printing for high quality work on catalogs with great price breaks. I do look forward to supporting TICA in 2013. Please contact me for more information.

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Angel Richardson (Senior Account Manager)
Staples Business Discount Program
Phone: 888-224-3684 Ext. 1196
Fax 888-229-0287
Email: Angelina.richardson@staples.com
Online: www.staplescopycenter.com

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Elaine Zalewski from Furry Agape Pet Therapy, in Grove City, Pennsylvania presents seminars during lunch at cat shows. She discusses cats as therapy pets and introduces everyone to her certified therapy and service cat, Cocoa Marbles of Marbleglen.

Ms. Zalewski and Marbles have been working as a therapy team for the past 5 years serving and conducting an average of 25 animal-assisted therapy visits per month at numerous nursing homes, personal care and assisted-living homes, hospitals and day care programs throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania. Elaine has taken more than 30 years of experience in animal behavior and training to help those who can no longer care for pets of their own through a meet and greet visit with her cat, Marbles.

Ms. Zalewski and Marbles also travel extensively educating the public on the variety of animals that can service not only as therapy pets but also as service animals. In addition to her work as a therapy cat, Marbles also serves Elaine as her own service cat, helping Elaine maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

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Francine Madison Hicks, Northeast (NE) Regional Director


I live in Maine, USA. The Region consists of 468 members and 5-6 juniors. There are 9 clubs in the Region. For the shows many raffles, Baskets and Bags of Joy consisting of chocolates, wines, etc. are put together and designed for both men and women.

I was a breeder of Italian Greyhounds and currently have 2 along with one African grey who loves to imitate all his housemates. I also enjoy gardening, swimming, travel, hiking and a whole lot of outdoor activities.

Rene Knapp, Southeast (SE) Judge


I live in sunny Florida. Clint and I went to our first TICA cat show together (a long time ago) in Cape Cod. Friends convinced us that we would love it. I showed a pretty little HHPK blue lynx point rescue. The kitten didn't like being shown and every time we checked, she was not in any finals. Clint and I were very upset because exhibitors were not happy with us because our cat was upsetting their cats. We decided that it would be our last cat show. But the last day and last ring of the day, she was put into a final (her only one) by Steven Savant. We both were so proud of her and looking at that rosette made us realize that, "it wasn't so bad." We then decided we should get a cat who likes to show. That was such a thrill, and it is one of the best memories of my cat show journey.

This is why I am in the cat fancy today. It was a while longer after that show before I decided to become a judge. I asked to train with Steven and shared with him how he changed my life because of that one ninth best HHPK. I have never forgotten that kindness and I try to bring it with me every time I judge.

Ana Ferreyra, South America Committee for Junior Exhibitors


I have loved felines since childhood and have always had them around me in the house. I started to show one beautiful white HHP LG, his name was Osiris, 12 years ago. Then I went on to showing Siamese and Orientals, which I still show. I breed Orientals and Siamese and someday perhaps I would like to work with the Peterbald breed.

My hobbies include cooking, baking, and music. After much work, I found some SA members who are interested in the JE Program for their children. The juniors are joining the program this month and will look forward to working with them.

Dasha Marinets, Northwest Region Junior Exhibitor


I live in British Columbia, Canada, and I am at the Senior Novice level of the JE program. I am 11 years old and have had cats since the age of 4. I show Ragdolls and Kurilian Bobtails (LH), and have shown the Abyssinian, the British Shorthair, and the American Shorthair. The best thing about showing cats is meeting people and seeing all the wonderful cats. I want to be a judge one day in the cat fancy.

I have 2 dogs at home. I participate in rhythmic gymnastics (16 hours a week) and I love school because of all my friends. I also write poetry.

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I have only been showing in TICA for a little over a year, but have thoroughly enjoyed the numerous shows and wonderful people that I have met.

I happen to show a cat that looks like a mini-cow. I have a blast with the people coming up with names for my HHP. So far we have about 15 names for him such as "Gateway", "Eat More Chicken", "Pastor Ized" (which we don't use too often as it may be offensive), "Milk Dud", etc. He is a touch overweight and in one ring when the judge pulled him out they said "Holy Cow". I laughed and said yup another name for him!

His true name is "Kirby's Making a Difference". My father had a saying when he was alive that if you can make a difference in one person's life, you have made a difference. He has made a difference in our lives obviously, but through showing we constantly discuss with spectators the difference that they can make in Spaying / Neutering and adopting cats that would otherwise not have a wonderful home.

I would like to comment that the Mystical Moon Show was absolutely awesome and hope that it will be remembered for how successful it was run. How about the Bingo Queen? Awesome activity to raise funds for JE dinners at their SE Regional banquet. There was huge spectator participation at the fashion show. The show was flawless (at least from my perspective) and all should be commended for the countless volunteer hours that went into putting on the show.

So, I recommend "Moo"ving on and Making a Difference today ... let's all register for the next TICA show! By the way ... if you see me at the next show, stop by, give me a cow name, and I'll give you a box of Milk Duds :)

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by Dasha Marinets

I am a bud
A vine, a cluster
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And dies in the winter
I am the one
Who grows
Then falls
But, in the end
I am the last survivor

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April showers bring May flowers - AmyLyn Bihrle

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Bingo Queen Judith Milling, Kirby and Doug Mousley

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Samantha Chapman, Jesula McCallum, JR Fraser, Olivia and Justin trying out JE program, Dasha Marinets, Christian Burger, Teresa Kempton, TICA judge

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Junior Exhibitors in the NW

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NYC Meet the Breeds Subway cats

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Start of the new 2013-2014 show season

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End of the 2012-2013 show season. It's time for a nap.

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If you don't know what to do with all your snow after shoveling, try this!