The Flaming Redhead is gone, and an era has ended. It is with a very heavy heart that I send you the sad news of the passing of Maureen Nottingham. She had been seriously ill for the past several years and gravely ill for the past year. She had been in and out of the hospital, nursing home, rehab centers, and hospice. She passed away, peacefully, sitting in a chair in her own home. She was flamboyantly coquettish in her show demeanor and presentations and she had a unique way of having fun with the cats and exhibitors at shows; however, she was a very private person and preferred to decline in dignity, leaving us to remember Maureen the way we last saw her, full of life and fun.

At one time she had the world's best Russian Blue and the world's best Abyssinian. She was TICA's first Judge of the Year.

Please remember Maureen and her Bette Davis eyes, with joy in your hearts and remind yourselves of how many times she made you laugh. If you are relatively new to the cat fancy, ask one of us old timers and we will certainly enlighten you about "The Flaming Redhead."

She was flamboyant - but this was her charm. It is my hope that she will always be remembered as the true "Lady" of TICA.

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For those of you who are new to TICA and International/Regional scoring and wins, here is a bit of info on what the process looks like.

First, please understand that May 7 does not determine the ultimate winners, nor is the final list of winners posted on May 7. Throughout the show season, everyone is encouraged to make sure that their entries reflect the correct registration numbers, that cats who are first show without a number are "hooked up" with their winnings after registration, and that they are in the correct regions. By far, this is the type of problem that the May 7 deadline is trying to address. Past that, the Office will finish scoring all catalogs, make whatever corrections they are aware of, and send lists of standings to the Regional Directors. The Regional Directors will review the lists for any additional errors they may see - cat/person not in their Region, for example. Also, the Directors will determine that every potential winner was shown in their Regions at least one time. Any problems or issues they identify are sent back to the Office for further correction.

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Pet insurance is the best way to protect kittens, retired show cats and family pets from costly accidents and illnesses. And our friends at Embrace Pet Insurance want us to try it for free - no gotchas here.

Cats may appear to be safe from harm but with over $400,000 in pet insurance claims last year, it's more likely than you'd think. Embrace is consistently rated over 9 out of 10 in customer service and will cover up to $2,000 in veterinary bills for accidents and illnesses FREE for the first two months. There are no high-pressure sales and no billing information required.

To start two months of coverage for your cats or kittens, go to http://www.getembrace.com and enter the TICA activation code 00000000 (that's 8 zeroes).

To offer free pet insurance to your cattery clients, contact Embrace.

Only available in the United States.

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Our new show season has begun and if you are new to showing or breeding, here is information that may help you.

Looking for a Mentor?

Are you interested in learning more about how to show (exhibit) your cat at a TICA show?

If so, apply to be paired with an Exhibitor Mentor. As a protege, you will have a mentor available to answer your questions & help you learn about TICA and the inner workings of showing cats.

Are you considering breeding cats?

Breeding cats is not a hobby to take without forethought. If you'd like to learn more about what is involved in breeding cats, please request a Breeding Mentor. You are not obligated to breed cats through applying for a mentor. As a protege, you will have a mentor available to answer your questions & educate you on TICA and breeding cats. (Note: This program is not a source for finding breeding cats).

Interested in becoming a Mentor?

Do you find yourself chatting to new exhibitors or spectators at cat shows about the details of showing mechanics? Do you enjoy this contact?

As you know, TICA is one of the friendliest feline associations where new faces are always welcome. If you think you have the time to make the commitment to assist those with an interest in showing their cats (but not breeding), please consider applying to be an exhibitor mentor.

Do you have the time, knowledge & interest in teaching others good cattery management, feline husbandry, breed education, etc.?

Responsible breeders are at a premium and we need your help to increase the awareness of what it takes to be a good breeder. Please consider applying to be a breeder mentor.

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TICA's Junior Exhibitors Program is open to anyone under the age of eighteen. As members of TICA, each Junior Exhibitor's continued success is gauged by their accomplishments and personal growth.

The program consists of six levels through which the youth may progress, with each level having different activities and testing questions. At the three junior levels, the emphasis is on learning about TICA, the etiquette and procedures of showing, and basic cat health and welfare. At the three senior levels, the emphasis is on advanced knowledge of cat showing, cat breeds, working at a show, and TICA.

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Ellen Crocket: Northwest Regional Director

I live in Washington, USA. The Region consists of approximately 375 members and around 6 active juniors (2 or 3 thinking about joining the program). There are 15 clubs in the region.

My hobbies are being a compulsive knitter and my husband and I make wine and rescue Dobermans and Mastiffs.


Marilyne Gregg: Approved Allbreed Southeast Judge

I live in North Carolina and was one of the first TICA members, #5 in the SE. I had TICA's "first" COY. Surfside Sadi of Rog-Mar, a copper eyed white Persian. I have judged all over the world, meeting fantastic people, handling the best cats in the world.

I started showing back in the day when "adults" did stewarding for free just to help. Moved on to clerking, and was a great clerk if I do say so myself, watching and learning. After much persuasion from Larry Paul, I decided to go into the judging program.

My interests are varied: children, grandchildren, messing in the yard, reading. My smartphone keeps me connected and I just love Judge Judy.


ZellaJane Goodwin: Southeast Region Clerk

I live in Florida. I became Head Ring Clerk in September 2012 and Entry Clerk October 2012. I wanted to help clubs and show managers and to just become more knowledgeable about the shows. My favorite part of clerking is knowing that the judging can start in the ring I am clerking. The least favorite part of clerking is not having time with my husband and showing our cat. I miss a lot of the socialization with friends at and between rings and with no steward, concentration is severely diminished.

I started showing a Maine Coon then added a Norwegian Forest Cat. Just lately I have added a Siberian all of which are in the alter class after their kitten class finished up.

My hobbies include knitting/ crocheting, tatting. We love to travel with our cat but primarily drive to shows. I also do amateur radio since 1986. Now retired I stay up late and sleep in late ... it's a GREAT life with the husband I LOVE!


Joyce Pierce: Southwest Junior Liaison

I live in Arizona and have always loved cats. I used to bring home abandoned kittens and hide them under my bed while nursing and leaning them.

I am a former school teacher and am dedicated to fostering involvement of young people in TICA through the junior program. I have to thank my fellow SV breeders for welcoming and encouraging me to show and I was addicted from the first one. Helping the kids to learn the ropes and handling their cats is a wonderful experience. My breed is the Savannah. I have entertained the thought of other breeds but my heart belongs to the Savannahs alone.

I currently enjoy sculpting as a hobby.


Valentina Catucci Duran: South America Region Junior Exhibitor

I live in I live in Montevideo, Uruguay. I am 10 years old. Cats are my favorite animals. Watching other cats in action at the shows is a lot of fun. I am not sure what breed of cat I want to work with yet.

My hobbies are playing the piano, listening to music and watching TV. My goal for the future is working with animals

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