Locati Auctions Offers a Fine Collection of Cat Themed Objects


Locati Auctions (Maple Glen, PA) is pleased to present "All About Cats: The Collection of Gertrude Zeehandelaar, Part 1" from June 18, to June 28, 2013.

The online auction will feature over 150 lots of fine art, porcelain, glass, and bronzes all relating to cats.

Mrs. Zeehandelaar collected cat oriented objects for more than 60 years and was the owner of The Cat Book Center which dealt in rare cat books.

Gertrude Zeehandelaar (1922-2013) a Holocaust survivor whose resilience and strength were forged during the Kindertransport. As a teenager, she was placed in charge of the evacuation of dozens of Jewish children from the Netherlands to Britain. Following the war, she lived in Cuba while awaiting entry to the United States. She raised her family in New Rochelle and Eastchester, N.Y. Her love of cats began as a little girl in Amsterdam and remained a constant throughout her life. She gained a reputation as an authority on books regarding cats and wrote numerous book reviews.

The collection will be divided into three auctions, the third of which devoted exclusively to her fine book collection. Highlights of this sale include a large oil on panel by noted Dutch artist Henriette Ronner (1821 - 1909) which is estimated to bring $30,000.00 to 50,000, a bronze sculpture by Georges Lucien Guyot (FRENCH, 1885-1973) estimated at $10,000 to 15,000, a rare Italian micro mosaic portrait of a cat estimated at $2,500.00 to 5,000.00 and a woodblock print of a white Persian cat by Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita (1886 - 1968) which should bring $1,500.00 to 3,000.00.

All items can be viewed in person in Maple Glen on June 22th from 10am to 5pm or by appointment. Online bidding ends Friday, June 28th, 2013.

Locati Auctions is Philadelphia's premier online auctioneer of antique furniture, fine art, silver, Asian art & Americana.

Visit www.locatiauctions.com or call 215-619-2873 for more information.

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Online Registration

Over 1800 litters have been registered using TICA's new online Litter Registration system, along with hundreds of individual kittens! The system is available through your TDS Online account and offers NO WAITING on your registrations!

Give it a try! If you have any problems, please contact Frances Cardona. She is always there to help you. If the Office doesn't know of your problems, they can't be fixed.

We definitely want TDS Online to work purrrfectly!

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Preparing Your Pets For Emergencies Makes Sense


With all the terrible disasters recently, we all have to be prepared to protect not only ourselves and family but those other family members that depend on us for their lives.

Please check out the disaster information on the TICA website at www.tica.org. You will find "Disaster Plans" on the lower left of the side board.

We all want to make sure our pets are safe from harm.

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Saving Money on Your Pet's Prescriptions


Have you ever wondered...

...GOOD NEWS...the answer to ALL these questions is YES!

You now have a choice when it comes to purchasing your pet's medications

  • YES...You can now purchase your pet's medications at your local pharmacy or online
  • YES...Pet owners can also use online pet pharmacies to purchase heartworm medications like Heartguard and flea and tick preventatives like Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix, Advantage, Sentinel, Bio Spot and Program.
  • YES...You can obtain lower prices at your local pharmacy or online...HOWEVER...to ensure you are getting the guaranteed lowest price use your Pet Medicine Card each time you have a prescription filled.


Check out the TICA website for more information at www.tica.org.

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All TICA Members & Travelers Receive 20% Off at Red Roof!


Find the Red Roof Inn jpg logo on the TICA webpage for members to 'click thru' landing page link: http://www.redroof.com/partners/TICA

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Breeders of 'Misunderstood' Hybrid Cats Dispel 'Myths' of Wild Animals


By SUSANNA KIM (@skimm) June 4, 2013

Coco, a Savannah cat, leaps over Georgie, a British shorthair cat.

Their owner, Brigitte Cowell hopes to dispel a "myth" that Savannahs are wild, dangerous cats. (Brigitte Cowell)

Breeders of cats bred with non-domesticated species outside the U.S. say they hope to dispel the "myth" that their pets are wild and dangerous.

Kristine Alessio, 46, is an attorney and city council member in La Mesa, Calif., about 10 miles east of San Diego.

She breeds cats as a hobby and six of her eight cats are Savannahs, which share their ancestry with the African Serval cat.

Savannahs' ears, necks and legs are longer than those of the typical domestic cat.

Despite their distinct appearance, sometimes resembling miniature versions of wild cats due to occasional distinct markings, Alessio said concerns about Savannahs and many other "hybrid" cats are overplayed.

"They're so people oriented," she said of her Savannah cats.

"It's like a puppy that never wants to grow up.

It's like having a dog, but it uses a litter box.

They're happy to see you.

They wait for you to come home."

Owners of cats descended from cross-bred ancestors were stirred last month when the New Yorker magazine published a story about breeders titled, "Living-Room Leopards."

For the rest of the story, click here.

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REGIONAL DIRECTOR: Laurie Patton, Southeast Region

I live in Columbia, South Carolina and have been a member of the TICA Southeast region since 2000. During these years I have been an exhibitor winning regional awards every year and getting regional awards in every single category in almost every one of those years.

As an exhibitor/breeder my cats have won Best Kitten, Best Alter, and Best Household Pet Kitten in the Southeast Region. My cats have also attained International wins as well as Lifetime Achievement awards in three different breeds and Household Pets. My main breeding program involves Birmans.

I am involved in various levels in TICA which includes being a licensed Entry Clerk, a licensed Master Clerk, licensed Head ring clerk, TICA licensed Approved Specialty judge. I also am the Clerking Liaison for the Southeast region and have put on free clerking schools to anyone that wanted to learn to become a clerk.

I have been married to my husband for 15 years and I have lived in Columbia, SC for 19 years. I am the mother of one son, Michael-John, who is a Captain in the Army currently serving in Afghanistan and is a Citadel graduate.

Since moving to Columbia, I have been fortunate enough to have been a stay at home mother most of those years to raise my son, but now I am ready for a change and I am going to school full time for a BSN degree and have maintained a 3.75/4.00 GPA. Early work history includes owning my own businesses including interior design and starting the first mobile pet grooming business in Jacksonville, NC. I have also conducted supervisory development training classes for a Columbia, SC consulting firm. Currently I work for my cats only.


JUDGE: Roslyn Drusch Allen, Approved Allbreed

I live in Meadow Vista, CA formerly from Jackson, MS. I've always loved all animals. I got my first cat when I was 3. I started showing cats in 1980.I'm not showing anything right now, but I've shown Persians, Himalayans, Oriental Shorthairs, Siamese, and Bengals.

Funny, I don't have that many memorable judging experiences or experiences behind the table, but I have a ton of memorable show experiences such as my first final as a new exhibitor...Prissie LaJunie 8th best longhair cat.... or the time Linda Ferguson and I thought we lost Jo Parris' Himalayan. We entertained the thought of buying a replacement but decided it would be better to go into a witness protection program than to tell Jo we lost Sidero. BTW, she was hiding behind the cage curtains. There was the trip to New York with Frances Young and Richard Bailey, dinners, broadway shows, the Incats show at The Garden, and the memorable taxi ride to Chinatown. To be honest, Richard Bailey, Robbie Whyte, Jo Parris, Linda Ferguson, Frances Young, and I have have enough experiences to write a book. Once Steve Savant paged me at an ECCF show, I thought he was going to ask me to clerk but instead he asked me to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Singing "Georgia on My Mind" to Georgia Morgan at the 1999 TICA Annual in Jackson MS.....it was Larry Paul's request...that was pretty special, it was Larry's last annual. You see, my most memorable experiences are about friends.

Other interests.....I've started showing dogs. Bichon Frise to be specific. The cat fancy and dog fancy are similar in a lot of ways and at the same time different in a lot of ways. My other passion is music, singing in particular. I've been a member of Sweet Adelines International for 35 years and I love to sing barbershop, particularly quartets.

Expertise on showing.....Always present your cat in the BEST possible condition,you owe it to the cat, the breeder, and the breed itself. Don't get so wrapped up in the points and the standings that you forget that is a hobby a SUPPOSED to be fun. Appreciate every final you receive because there are MANY people that go home with no rosette at all. Always remember the cat doesn't care if it wins.


CLERK: Elaine Zalewski

I live in Grove City, PA. My clerking experience has been for 11 years. I have clerked in every region in the US. I have also trained new ring clerks. Started clerking at ON SAFARI in Syracuse, NY due to a shortage of clerks. I first clerked for Anne Ritzinger (now retired) and have been friends with her ever since.

I have always love cats but got hooked on showing with a blue tortie HHP by the name of Sasha. I lost SASHA 2 years ago to lymphoma, she was only 9.5. Mid Atlantic is my home region.

I love working with my therapy cat and helping others. I have taken more than 30 years of experience in animal behavior and training to help those who can no longer care for pets of their own through a meet and greet visit with her cat, Marbles. I am so proud of my therapy cat, Cocoa Marbles of Marbleglen. She has earned her 8th straight RW and her 6th regional top 10.


JUNIOR LIAISON: Bonnie Charvat, Southeast Region

I live in Sevierville (Dolly Parton's home town in the Smokies), Tennessee. Started out in dogs but switched over to cats in the '90's...I wanted a wild looking cat that was still 100% domestic cat.

Wanting to help the SE region, I began as one of 3 people doing the Liaison job. A year or so ago, I took over the task completely with the help of a few moms who may attend shows that I do not go to. This way the SE kids have JE rings at most all the shows.

I really like being with the kids. I have been able to see growth in most every youngster, from those who are scared to death and will only answer direct questions given by the judge to one that is able to look out at the audience and at times speak to them. I am their cheerleader and want to see each one progress as far as they choose to do.

Yes, my husband and I are still actively showing our cats. We started out with American Bobtails in 1999 and will always have this fantastic breed. We have progressed to Balinese and Oriental LHs whose temperament we have learned to love and appreciate as well.

My other interests would have to be the national park. We were so fortunate and blessed to be able to move from Illinois to the Smoky Mountain region of East Tennessee. We Love to volunteer at the Great Smoky Mt National Park and hike/walk and take photo opportunities. I also work with warm glass which means fusing and slumping rather than blown glass. Sometimes I will quilt. And of course, my best interest is my husband of almost 51 years...yes, we were both toddlers when we married.


JUNIOR EXHIBITOR: Zahara Spigardi Ferreyra, South America Region

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am six years old. I have loved cats since I was born. My mom took me to my first show when I was six months old.

My favorite thing about cat shows is thatI love to see all the cats, love to help mom with her work at the shows and make friends. We breed Orientals and Siamese.

Love to dance, ride my new bike, and play games with friends. My goals for the future is learning to read and write at school. My mom told me I can work as a steward at the next show. I want that work!

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